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Sofie: Lemon

they've clipped my wings again
tore them apart and left me
no use to fly away
to my yesterday of freedom
my eyes died back that day
seeing the hurt may have done
beat me instead of them
pain's my only zen of fun
i'll go where secrets are sold
where roses unfold
i'll sleep as time goes by

so hurting here is where i belong
dreaming a song
blood on my hands to stay strong
the flowers in the graveyard are all gone
i don't belong
there is no right to heal the
wrong soup's on hot feelin like a do or die
i can't throw up i don't think i even wanna try

you still can't make me cry
you've pinned this butterfly down
my fire's burning out
kill my flame without a frown
and starving hurts the soul
when you're hungry for some love
so if i close my eyes
i can really fly above
i'll go where secrets are sold
where roses unfold
i'll sleep as time goes by



(guitar solo)

(chorus fades)
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Sofie: Lemon

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Sofie: Lemon
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Sofie: Lemon

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