SR-71: Non-Toxic

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SR-71: Non-Toxic

I'm one of those things you'll save forever
and never need
Like an old newspaper no one has time to read
This child has grown into a dead end
Since I lost the power to pretend

But it's all right
Thats who I am inside
Not much to say on this non-toxic
Ordinary day

That's no superhero standing right in front of us
So take this pocket full of kryptonite
And beat it back to Metropolis
There's only room for one on this microphone
In my finest hour I'm still alone


But old news can change
As memories float downstream
So don't judge me by my failures
But only by my dreams

Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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SR-71: Non-Toxic

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SR-71: Non-Toxic

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SR-71: Non-Toxic

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