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Steel Pulse: Tribute To The Martyrs

It was a hard task
To take on
To make us all believe
To rescue us from evil cause
They wanted to achieve
Avenge to gain respect
Defend ourselves to the end
Patriots of dark continent
I give all of my confidence
(2) Weh dem gone
weh dem deh
Tribute to the martyrs
Which part dem gone
A weh dem deh, Heh
When Martyrs died they save our lives
They had an early grave
Sacrifice has taken place
For the chosen race heh
(2) Which part dem gone
Which part dek ...
There was one they crucified
Dead man tell no tales
There were some they hung so high
We know the reason why
Caught, and tried, bound and beat
Locked, locked away inside
But won their war of words
Patriots lost their lives
Yet no-one cries
The whole world stands accused.
(2) Which part dem gone
Which part dem deh
A multitude of people
Dem try dem best to convince
Only to capture the heart of a few
The truth you can't dismiss
They are telling me silent waters run deep
So their knowledge I'II always seek
They are telling me,
A nation without its past history
Is like a tree without roots
(2) Which part dem gone
Which part dem deh ...
Best to strike when irons hot,
It will not bend when cold....
Not to late to learn my friend
Wisdom ripes with old age, if you got it
Now wake up you distressed, yeh yeh yeh
Under, under oppressor man affliction
Hell fire can't be quenched with water no sah!
Though it once had a dreadful shower of rain
We who are blessed they just can't put us under
Martyrs golden text is bondage never again
If not by free will it then by force
Break the bondage plot that course.
Message preach to all, you hear something
Doctrine for the soul, you feel something
The story has been told, you know something
Now answer, martyrs call, do something -
Prophesise the fall
Backs against the wall no more, be something
(2) Which part dem gone
Which part dem deh

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Steel Pulse: Tribute To The Martyrs

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Steel Pulse: Tribute To The Martyrs
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Steel Pulse: Tribute To The Martyrs

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