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Steve Winwood: Time Is Running Out

Every day there's something new that's going around
Crazy people getting all dressed up to paint the town
Business men they shake their heads and then they frown
Everybody tries so hard to put them down
It seems to me that maybe they got something going
And if you don't make an effort, then you got no way to know
Time is running out
Woman, can you hear me clear?
I hope that you can
Before you go to sleep at night
Take care of your man
And if you want a love that will always be around forever
Then you finally get it, ah, but you ain't gonna have it together
Time is running out, running out
Time is running out, running out
Johnny drives a Thunderbird, he's in a big rage
Always being criticized for being his age
In his nose a safety pin and life's a razor blade
He's so sick of everything that's been made
It seems to me that maybe he's got bad frustration
And all we can do is try and give the right information
Oh, 'cause time is running out
Population on the move
So don't you delay
Get yourself right in the groove
'N' hear what I say
It's no good being lazy
You've got to get up on your feet and shout
'Cause it'll make you crazy
When you realise you've been left out
Time is running out, running out
Time is running out, running out
Time is running out, running out
In the future there's no room
People standing on your toes
Mother nature's on the run
Everybody's got a gun
Soldiers walking in the street
Giving off a lot of heat
There just ain't enough to eat
If you're poor, you've got no meat
Advertising in the sky
They like to stick it in your eye
So mad it will make you cry
All the things that you don't need
Trouble in the family (Said, separation and the [sea?])
There is no more unity (Remind me what it used to be)
Complications everywhere (It seems to me it has to be)
[?] people stare (You know it's true and)
Time is running out, running out
Time is running out, running out
Television in my home (People watching every day)
Someone's talking on the phone (I can't hear a word I say)
There's no time to be alone (There's no time to get away)
Wonder why your mind is blown (Nervous breakdown every day)
Take me where the air is clean
To the country, fresh and green
I just cannot stand this pace
Sorry, but there's no such place
Time is running out, running out
(Repeat and fade)
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Steve Winwood: Time Is Running Out

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Steve Winwood: Time Is Running Out
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Steve Winwood: Time Is Running Out

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