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Strongarm: Council Of Perfection

truth and justice belong to You behold the power of His undying sacrifice as a sanctuary for the wounded in the council of perfection all creation stands as a witness all creation stands as a mark of Your will all creation stands on the breath of God wisdom hides behind Your eyes darkness divided by Your fallen tear there the wicked cease from turmoil and the weary are at rest all sacrifice and all suffering is redemption formed in the palm of God's mighty hand shaped by the work of His will and alive from the breath of His heart man's inspiration is God's touch on the quickened nerves of the spirit enflamed by Your unquenchable fire i stand in the spirit of conquest through You i am created to conquer fleeting living a life of calamity forces unseen are controlling your destiny we're not at the mercy of fate fears born of this world are groundless lord teach me and i will be silent word made flesh we long to hear You You are my advocate my mediator with complete power and perfect love You alone hold the scales of judgment
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Strongarm: Council Of Perfection

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Strongarm: Council Of Perfection
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Strongarm: Council Of Perfection

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