Such A Surge: Under Pressure

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Such A Surge

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Such A Surge: Under Pressure

i'm sick'n'tired ugh!! rumours going around.
they say that i changed my sound, but i keep it underground
still my own category ain't nothing changed
metaphor, hardcore, ruffneck territory
brain food because you have to read between the lines
check rhyme by rhyme and try to comprehend my sings
but as i'm out with that so called big deal
you judge me but you still don't know how i feel
booyaa i kick your ass like a maniac, you can't hold me back
i'don't give a damn about fitting in your format
you abuse this word every day and you still don't know what it means
you promised me that you'd be my friend to the end
but boom bash!! you wrote check your ass can't cash
and now you disrespect me for what i do
i used to look up to you but now i'm spitting down on you

i'm under pressure but i can handle it
i'm under pressure every day
bring me your pressure i can take it
i'm always under pressure fool, ain't nothing new!!

no you can not, you can't call me a fool
just by the fact that i never did follow your rules
now i'm in the right mood to kick you
in your always smiling face with the spikes on my boots
coming up like the living dead that's the way i act
never hesitating to make you the next
so here we go, with the flow, going on with the show
together with my crew i'm gonna show you what i know
right!! the reason why i fight is to see the new daylight
you wanna know why? good try!!
i wont give up till i die 'cause i'm right yes
and i want you motherfuckers to accept this
do what you want i'll never give you the respect
for what? you don't know how to handle that
and now it's time for you, you'd better pay attention
'cause now i'm under pressure

under pressure but i can take this
come opn bring me your pressure, easy going fool
under pressure but i can handle it
my mind is under pressure every day

under pressure
extra, extra read all about it
it was you in the headlines but now i'm going for mine
i'm still doing my own thing on your advice i'll piss
so don't judge me as a sell out, slave to the business
dream your dream while i watch you going down the stream
i talk about the truth but you don't know what i mean
i'm loud enough but still you don't wanna hear
the future seems dark but still i feel no fear
i know you love to hate me, so what fool?
i don't even love you but i'm keeping my cool
i know what i've got was hard to earn
but to handle your pressure was easy to learn
you say do this, do that or don't that 'n' this
i wish i had a gun, and that the bullet won't miss
cause ain't no problems without chumps like you
so shut up'n'step back, you talk to much, fuck you!!!
under pressure but i can handle that
i'm always under pressure, yes every day
bring me your pressure what you're waiting for
my mind is under pressure, i've got nothing to lose fool !!!
Autor tekstu: nieznany
Data dodania: 2011-02-22

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Such A Surge: Under Pressure

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Such A Surge: Under Pressure

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Such A Surge: Under Pressure

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