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Sweatshop Union: Union Dues

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Sweatshop Union

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Sweatshop Union: Union Dues



well look whose looking out the circus crowd
with a whole crowd of clowns to tear it all down
pound for pound i will tip the scales
spit til the frail(?) think I'm sick as hell
well im sorry for the minor confussion
meditive merchant of the sweatshop union
and if using my head mean losing respect
I chose what I like to prove i object

welcome seldom seen but heard
above the mainstream on a leaf observer
I can see the earth as an innocent bystander
and eat the worms that are giving our minds cancer
my answer is to stay out of the water
and climb faster to escape out of the monitors reach
think I'd let the beast ever defeat
a frog like me, not likely

Aw here it comes right the drums like waves
escape the race to be a sweatshop slave
Try to be brave in a field that hasnt been grazed
after that im going back and hitting the hay
Dig my own grave to sleep through the day
way out of sight now its my time to play
though I paved the path im last to be amazed
better pack up or break go back and pass away

But if I wasnt in your stereo I'd shake your hands
and a mass'd see the greetings of a drum program(?)
I understand you must rebel in a race against the clock
we're all underpayed slaves livin in a sweatshop
seek with eyes reject lies and ask why
like the minds of the children go creative and watch
as the subtle lies of the dicks and dimes (?)
give the truth to the people thats a 1.5

Hot outside a sweatshop
sippin on a soda pop
sodalicious bitches stop
hoping they can hold a cock (?)
Visions of a 5 oclock
table everybody drop
droppin down my lovers top
shiney singin numbers rock (?)
Wax from the candle drop
hold my babies boobs bra (?!)
babies from the jiz god
got it from my Ma and Pop
shoot it like a super cop
follow with a photo drop
dreamin at the worst spot
waiting for the bird (?) to stop

I gotta be the bigger man now walk tough stand proud
chest out back straight heads up stand out
enough of this sad round of government hand outs
I'll do a free show cuz i love it when fans shout
dance now clap now drink eat sleep shit
act out and how think deep beat this
beef kip, Dusty M, Metty'n me (?)
sweatshop red hot we ready to leave

sweatshop is the name
to take you outs why we came
this is our point of view
we just might point at you (x2)
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Sweatshop Union: Union Dues

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Sweatshop Union: Union Dues

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Sweatshop Union: Union Dues

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