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Calisthenics cali

  • Chemical Calisthenics - Blackalicious
    "I can do anything Neutron, proton, mass effect, lyrical oxidation, yo irrelevant Mass spectrograph, your electron volt, atomic energy erupting As I get all open on betacron, gamma rays thermo cracking Cyclotron"
  • Cali Girls - R5
    "Drop tops, sitting next to Cee-Lo Pacific coast highway This happens every day And our song keep playing on the radio Like 20 times a day Man this is so cray-zay Keep seeing the pretty ladies walking"
  • Cali Pachanguero - Grupo Niche
    "Coro 1 Cali pachanguero, Cali luz de un nuevo cielo. De romantica luna, el lucero que es leno, de mirar en tu valle la mujer que yo quiero. Del jilguero que canta, calles que se levantan, carnaval en"
  • Cali Breeze - Planet Asia
    "(Planet Asia) Cali Breeze, Planet Asia Cali Breeze Through the mist, I stays true to this No matter what the opportunist consuming, confuse me not wit foolishness I stand on earth as the Asian beneficant Vocalist,"
  • Cali Love - Tyga
    "California the home of a king, the place for an angel Flyer than doves, was... I just wana bring the Cali love back Sitting here thinking when they put Cali on 88 Cube and Dre I wasn't even born So"
  • Cali Aji - Grupo Niche
    "Si por la quinta vas pasando es mi Cali bella que vas atravezando si por la tarde las palmeras se mueven alegres la noche esta esperando. (Bis) No hay caadusal que se este quieto y quiere que lo piquen"
  • Cali Kings - Xzibit
    "Verse one: Xzibit If it wasn't for the West These rap niggaz wouldn't need a vest around they chest Keeping bustin about, where you at? and what you owe, and what you drive? So the day some niggaz"
  • Cali Swangin' - Afroman
    "Afroman - Cali Swangin' Ruckus BABY - MAKE ME FEEL ALRIGHT Nobody feels - like a "G" feels when he post up his '64 on three wheels Daddy ask me "what you wanna be when you grow up" a"
  • Souther Cali. - Mr. Sancho
    "feat. Big Capone, Royal T Let you motherfuckers see that I'm blued up Go ahead and throw your hood up Never hesitate to go ahead and shoot up Fake motherfuckers like yourselfs Always yappin' about me"
  • Cali Sunshine - The Game
    "California sunshine, in the summer time (4x) Last year, Jazze Phe got stuck up inside the grand lux, Most recent was 50 in Angola, thats whats up, Any rapper could touched, any bitch could get fucked, Under"

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