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Celin dijon titanic

  • Titanic - Self
    "And this I know Leonardo DiCaprio What a gas it was to see him Upon the silver screen In another starring role With her lips she said, Rose ah.. Hey Jack Hey Jack I'm gonna jump off the back Hey Jack"
  • Titanic - Falco
    "Sieht man um sich, was passiert, Wohin es geht oder auch nicht, Hilft nur eines Schampus Kaviar, Noblesse im Gesicht. Let's deca-dance in jedem Fall Die Smokingtrger berall - Denn nobel geht die Welt zugrund' Ob"
  • Titanic - Leonardo'S Bride
    "Now I've said all I wanted to say, Try to sleep, something just won't go away, Not alone, there's a party of ghosts in my bed. These times are so twisted, busted, There's no rhyme nor reason. "
  • Titanic - Leonardos Bride
    "now i've said all i wanted to say, try to sleep, something just won't go away, not alone, there's a party of ghosts in my bed. these times are so twisted, busted, there's no rhyme nor reason. "
  • Titanic - Nieznani
    "Płynął wielki "Titanic", dumnie fale pruł, Nagle huk dał się słyszeć, jakby pękł na pół, Powstał ogromny gwar i krzyk, Lecz się nie uratował nikt. Ref.: W kilka chwil poszedł statek na dno. W kilka chwil"
  • Titanic - Hans Theessink
    "That night it all started when the ship began to shake We were filled with amazement, a little shocked but not afraid We didn't really understand what caused the water to come in We had been told this"
  • Titanic - Hunters & Collectors
    "We're cutting it fine - we're cutting it clean The green green grass - we're living the dream Bringing the bacon home to be cooked We're getting ahead - we're getting hooked On the hot north wind - we"
  • Titanic - New End Original
    "Two easy over. A greasy spoon. Flies shit wherever they land I overheard that, I made a smile We eat whatever we can. Could you see beauty in long simple faces? Weighted down, waving while they're drowing "Congratulations,"
  • Titanic - Francesco De Gregori
    "La prima classe costa mille lire la seconda cento, la terza dolore e spavento E puzza di sudore dal boccaporto e odore di mare morto Sior Capitano mi stia a sentire ho belle e pronte le mille lire in"
  • Titanic - Kacperen
    "Every night in my dreams I see you, I feel you, That is how I know you go on Far across the distance And spaces between us You have come to show you go on Near, far, wherever you are I believe that the"

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