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Chickenfoot - 'Different Devil' single

  • Different Devil - Chickenfoot
    "There's a wise old tale About the same old hell Only the devil is changed With two brand new lovers Rolling in the covers Everybody wants some strange We all know somebody gonna tell you just what to"
  • Different Girls - Lil Wayne ft. Nu Jerzey Devil
    ": Im A Flirt Im A Pro Im A Freak Got A Different Girl Everyday Of The Week Jersey Devil Verse: I get it popping everyday i got a new chick booty suzie going right with the white six lil keshia love role"
  • Devil - Drugstore
    "You turn your back on your own flesh You got a piece of me You were so young, so rich But I saw you with that mirror Right between your feet The world swings around you But I could never find you D-D-D-Devil Never"
  • Different Feeling - Tom T. Hall
    "She was sadder than the day she lost her mother He felt worse than the day when he was drafted She was packing and she kept her eyes diverted He was sippin' on a beer and playin' with the dog Another single"
  • Different feeling - Hall Tom T
    "She was sadder than the day she lost her motherHe felt worse than the day when he was draftedShe was packing and she kept her eyes divertedHe was sippin' on a beer and playin' with the dogAnother single"
  • Different world - Georgina
    "You never know what you've gotTill you realize how easy it is lost Too much sorrow can leave you blindWell a miracle can open up your eyeschorus: It's a different world we're living inSee you're beautiful"
  • Sin, Love and the Devil (single edit) - Embraze
    "Rain beats me down I cry for my sins and love My blood runs to the ground In the sky the moon feels pity for me I look deep into the eyes You're ashamed of the lust You feel for my naked body Sin, love"
  • Single Sided - Alchemist
    "Forced to hear your words, though they might be true. Say what you will, others have different points of view. Im hearing all that you say. You forgot no ones the same. This cannot be, you rant and"
  • Completely Different - 3 Feet Smaller
    "Every singel day i think about the times we had . We shared so much pain, but we never felt the same We're so completely different, we're so completely wrong Our releationship is dead, and now you sleep"
  • A Different Song - Statler Brothers
    "(Don Reid) Album: Innerview (1972) I've sung everything from hard times to heaven To the cold winds that chilled my very soul And I've sung everything from lonely nights in taverns To dime store women"

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