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Freddie - Pioneer

  • Pioneer - Superbutt
    "This bug in my head keeps looking at me I would trade my eyes for your eyes in no time And so I could see what was seen the whole time For all these years since you've been here Raising the flag, hey,"
  • Freddie Said - Barry Manilow
    "Freddie's got the dirt on Everybody on the street Don't know how he does it But it isn't too discreet Everybody says It always winds up being true He's got somethin' on everyone Maybe even you! Freddie"
  • Great Pioneer - Air Supply
    "It happened long ago When I felt the need For a life of my own I dreampt of summer love And moving high up north But no one would go So I walked up the hill and lay there Imagining the day was near I know"
  • The Pioneer - Channel Zero
    "Behind a uniform Creativity of unique norm Dedicated, test through time Forced to give and give to live Spending the night before the screens Curiosity of human beings Today the fall is in decay The future"
  • Freddie Foxxx is Here - Freddie Foxxx
    "Music is deep, get you drunk like a six-pack The man on the mic hittin hard like a full back Freddie is back and the Foxxx is in motion Rhymes are smooth like I greased em with lotion The Terrorist cuts"
  • Freddie B-R-U-Know - Freddie Bruno
    "Light my pen with the brain cell marvelous Lethal rap sheet killin off empty martyrs Slaughters of the philistine cancel you You mumble under breath talk about advancing who? Yo you way behind and betta"
  • Fast Buck Freddie - Jefferson Starship
    "He said hold a dollar bill up to the mirror And I'll show you something funny It's only a fast buck, but It's so hard to make that kind of money. Now it's hard to get serious when the joker Is laughing"
  • The Jungle Pioneer - Manhattan Transfer
    "Here where we stand there used to be a forest A timber rising endlessly before us We cleared away that God forsaken jungle And in return the Indians adore us What was mud now is a highway Reaching"
  • Shipwrecked Frontier Pioneer - Arcturus
    "Mechanical shutdown due to reactorcore meltdown And outdated parts collapsed and discharged Autopilot on emergency power from Random fuel devoured Red alert sirens sighing Rusty pipelines dying Empty hull"
  • Pioneer Of The Storm - Zed Yago
    "Back at least 5000 years people are sailing first in really simple ships courageous and daring astronauts all in race astronauts of the space astronauts all in race explorers of the space. Chained,"

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