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  • At War With Satan - Venom
    "The dark silhouette of the creature poised, crouched on the corner of a cliffs edge waits eagerly, eyes glare patiently. Red eyes filled with fire and torment gleam in the frenzied brightness across the"
  • May i - Nine Days
    "The night was sweet and shivers ran along my aching spine my heart was warm my thoughts were afraid of the quick yet sacred time I'd met him there my smile, my security and cried with evening rains he"
  • Aet On (Into The Universe's Breath) - Alan Stivell
    "Aet on 'tu all d'ar vuhez Da heul ma hent evidon me Ganeoc'h tud holl e joman Breman ha da viken Beauty of the things around here To you a litle I would offer The brightness of the light But love you"
  • Endless Day - Wavorly
    "The Light, it hurts A painful feeling, piercing my soul to the core Distorted faces Brightness shows what we truly are A thin line of emerald green Stretched tight as a fiddle string The climb we're making The"
  • Higher and higher - Mordor
    "She appears and sets the fire on becomes the sense of the night She will cool down when she leaves remaining the pain of the day Fulfills strong desires like the fire Higher and higher into the blue Possesses"
  • Remorse - Buried Dreams
    "(Lyrics: Valdespino) (Music: Valdespino) I think I've been mistaken On my phatetic way of being since that I have No where to run no where to hide So now I have to defend myself With a special guarantee My"
  • The Trinity Of Lust: Soul Temptation - BrainStorm
    "Slowly falling, slipping down, but i don't hit the ground still my soul is a slave to to the cozen sound the benefactor of the worlds, his daughter, just so frail in a room of tragedy, illusions to unveil the"
  • The Return To Solitude - Draconian
    "Album: Dark Ocean's we Cry (2002) Oh, the world makes me return, return to solitude. Will hope ever come to the dark souls who wanders alone? Hear my silent prayer as I weep tonight! Dawn gets greyer,"
  • Firestorm - Eternity X
    "Imagine if there was a dream upon your stage And all the time, a battle raged on within you How could you end the war for good? Amethyst valley bound engulfing every sound Silence, never close to enough Conquest"
  • Submission - Blood
    "The sun enveloped in haze - like it's beam Oh - my life's moon! Sway in shadows Sleep and smoke to one's heart's content Be serious and discreet And drive into the abyss of dreary and pain So I praise"

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