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Ronnie ferari

    "wychodzę z pracy sam wiatr ciągle wieje w oczy wypłatę w łapie mam prywaciarz mnie zaskoczył monopol to mój plan do szwagra trzeba skoczyć i dzwoni Grażyna że z okna che wyskoczyć i wracam /3x se passatem miałem"
  • Ronnie - Frankie Valli
    "I'll go on living and keep on forgiving Because you were my first love So very warm and tender the way you loved me Hey girl can't you remember and want more of me Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie why did you go Ronnie"
  • Ronnie - Metallica
    "(Hetfield / Ulrich) Story starts, quiet town Small-town boy, big-time frown Never talks, never plays Different path, lost his way Then streets of red-red, I'm afraid- There's no confetti, no parade Nothing"
  • Ronnie I - Chaos UK
    "Ronnie was a rebel, he also was a thief He'd take your granny's pension and kick her false teeth Stole his uncle's motor, drove it into town Ronnie was a hard man, they'd never put him down Ronnie"
  • Ronnie Spector - Deacon Blue
    "I take off my glasses and I pull on my shirt I call up my friends on my long ,long list I said I've got a reason just to get to the coast I'll stand on the streets where all the books were wrote I remember"
  • Ronnie Raygun - The Dingees
    "They don't call me this for nothing Clueless to the fact I know something Clueless are the masses they better off staying paranoid They don't know how true this really is Pull my string but no I'm not"
  • Ronnie O'Sullivan - Klaus & Kinski
    "Dame una razón, una que sea buena, dame una razón para salvarte de la quema. Dame una razón que merezca algn respeto, dos minutos ms y ests fuera, y ests fuera. Cuntame por qu merece la pena, comienza"
  • Ronnie Sait - La Ruda
    "Ronny sait J'aurai jet la France... dans le lit de Presley Ronny aime le conflit, Ronny le conoit les deux doigts dans la prise 123 Ronny sait J'aurai jet la France... Ronny pense dans le lit de Presley Ronny,"
  • Robots For Ronnie - Crack The Sky
    "Oh, dad, what will we do? I got another letter from Ronnie's teacher at school. She said, it's almost cruel None of the other kids thinks Ronnie's cool. The guys think he's a queer because he doesn't drink"
  • Ronnie Rising Medley - Metallica
    "Tarot woman, I don't know, I don't know, I don't know She can take you there The entrance to the fair, my, my, my Ride the carousel Cast a magic spell, you can fly, fly, fly Beware of a place A smile"

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