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Rotten Bark Womanman

  • Womanman - Rotten Bark
    "She's just a classic case of Feministic manlike person Good book bad look in a vintage car Cigarette and coffee in a local bar She's wearing man sunglasses She's smart like kids in first classes No boys"
  • Bark - Skinny Puppy
    "After many hours higher --nated fixture Whatever bells toll Curls up inside Curls up inside Curls up inside After closing nightfall Burn behind the eyes Build the demons driveway Praise mother"
  • Rotten - Godhead
    "She cries herself to sleep Feeling things she's never known before It tastes like rotten candy apples It burns like all the lies she's never heard before And all her dreams are shattered On the floor"
  • Bite better bark - Nits
    "(Hofstede) They hide in the curtain They smell I'm not certain In the night Domestic animals bite They scratch they've got nails In the dark Domestic animals bark His bite is better than his bark When"
  • Bark No Bite - Seven Mary Three
    "I can't let you go Don't let the dark Be the only place you see me I'll try to find you something new That pulls me back to your arms Little towns are the way we're living Little white crosses on dangerous"
  • Rotten Apples - Rackets & Drapes
    "(Jesus is coming...) (sinners beware...) The bitter taste of rotten fruit Is vomit in the mouth The taste is sour and Is spit upon the ground And left, to rot, decay, and spoil Rotten apples Forbidden"
  • Rifle Ah Bark - Aidonia
    "I'm Ready, Select one inna di head, I'm Ready, select di Rifle dem heavy and me still a balance dem steady Wen mi clap up mi clap up mi clap up mi clap up mi gun Alibah buss da 15 Alibah Wen boy get head"
  • Something Rotten - Placebo
    "It seems we're here I Miss you something rotten The stinks are here It's guaranteed all's forgotten Down here Down here it's clear that your uncut Don't fear Don't fear, keep all this forgotten Face down Face"
  • Rotten Inside - Earshot
    "Once was a time I'd give the world to you But it was never enough Swore by your hand But you never told the truth Thats when I saw myself in you... I'm rotten inside I'm weak & I'm frightened Of the"
  • Rotten Peaches - Elton John
    "We've moved on six miles from where we were yesterday And yesterday is but a long long ways away So we'll camp out tonight beneath the bright starlight And forget rotten peaches and the places we've stayed I"

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