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Silke Bischoff

  • The Letter - Silke Bischoff
    "I'm writing a letter - A letter for you For the last time - Love me true Shouldn't we better stay on our own Shouldn't we better stay alone I'm writing a letter - A letter to you It's not easy, I'm leaving"
  • Frank - Silke Bischoff
    "Another night in the kitchen with Frank And the sound of his broken guitar We are drunken like wild horses I love you curt, i fall asleep Wanna die - Watch me bleeding Wanna die - Watch me bleeding Another"
  • Leave Me Forever - Silke Bischoff
    "No way to run no way to hide Living here in this cage I can't leave the city 'cause I belong To the boys of the band Driving alone in a starless night I could die for shame There's no excuse, I've lost"
  • The Devil's Teeth - Silke Bischoff
    "The Devil's teeth laughing in the night Of a pale moon content with blood Darkness is our only friend in the kingdom of decay Here it comes again boy, you're lonely and paranoid Who is the next one? Fuck"
  • Little Angel - Silke Bischoff
    "Under the linden, down in the park There is a small light in the dark Under a pale moon, down by the lake There is away to a secret place Under a red sky - blood on your wrist Follow the runes "Sag mir"
  • Under Your Skin - Silke Bischoff
    "You're under my skin, your loce in my venes There's blood on the floor my love I thouch yout lips, I know we can find The end of the Rainbow And when I die - and when I die Nothing can tear us apart And"
  • Silke's Calling - Silke Bischoff
    "I was living in a dream Before you kissed my bleeding lips I pray to youi, I'm on my knees You were dying for my sins I'ver gone too fare, I've lost control I'm falling, I'm falling Silke's calling Silke's"
  • Felix In The Sky - Silke Bischoff
    "I heavent seen you For a while And now youre here With a rainbow in your eyes I can see your smile And your tears So dont tell me lies The same as it ever was Nothing changed Believe me its true The same"
  • This Is My Life - Silke Bischoff
    "This is my life buried in my dreams I close my eyes, no more friends and no more lies The flowers of evil, glooming in the night I leave my body, I leave the pain inside She doesn't answer, is there anybody"
  • Phoenix From The Flames - Silke Bischoff
    "Hello I'm back again Did you miss me? I've seen heaven, I've seen hell Touch me now I was lost in the dark Dreaming of you In the shadows of the past I am here End of the game Rising to the stars I know"

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