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always be back

  • Always - Dope
    "Let's go back to the start Like it use to be Before you fell apart And you blamed it on me Back when you were my friend Do you remember back then All the plans that we made Can we get back to those days Those"
  • Always - Swing Out Sisters
    "(Swing Out Sister) Ever stop to think if you were living in the past too long Never miss the precious gifts That you've been given until they're gone All gone away Ever stop to think if you've been living"
  • Always - Halfcocked
    "So you got it figured out now Yeah, you got a guarantee I'm hoping when you hit the bottom You'll forgive me Now just sit back and take a number Wait for yours to tumble up Too young to care and too old"
  • Always - The Beloved
    "Open your eyes I see your eyes are open Wear no disguise for me come into the open When its cold outside am I here in vain Hold on to the night there will be no shame Always I wanna be with you And make"
  • Always - Neverending White Lights
    "The life you have known The pain that you show I count all of the times you choke The last miracle The emptiness of hope When all you want is to be a stranger Stranger Stranger Stranger The lives you"
  • Always - Panic! At The Disco
    "When the world gets too heavy Put it on my back I'll be your levy You are taking me apart Like bad glue on a get well card It was always you falling for me Now there's always time, calling for me I'm"
  • Always - Erasure
    "Open your eyes i seeYour eyes are openWear no disguise for meCome into the openWhen its cold outsideAm i here in vain?Hold on to the nightThere will be no shameAlways i wanna be with youAnd make believe"
  • Always - Sky
    "Let me tell ya a story about a lady Who is strong willed and courageous She's my inspiration The foot hill of los andes She grew up 'til they stole away her dreams And so she had to flee Life is too short"
  • Always - Emo Side Project
    "this town really sucks without you here and im down with every second you are gone so come back im not ready to be alone my bed is so blank and empty without you and I bet you really miss me too why"
  • Always - Michael Kiske
    "There is no place for me And no one to set me free There is no way to go There is no place for me Where it's warm and where I can be At least there is no place that I know Sometimes it's hard to see"

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