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  • Bad Mongo - Turbonegro
    "He's been waiting for soo long, singing that same old institution song A humanoid shape in the dence of night: Bad Mongo's got a very big knife Run back home and lock the door, the streets ain't safe"
  • Run come - Smith & Mighty
    "feat. Rudy Lee & Mc BunxYeah everyone know say the dancehall a di best Place in the world where you can release some stress, yeaaah Run and come, run and come, run and come Run and come, run and come,"
  • Pagan Holocaust - Lord Wind
    "Our country was cold Our country has been always cold It was getting warmer When we were burning those who had come Carrying gold crosses around their necks With clamorous stories about their white god Our"
  • Rozebrali mi sk - Szeldo
    "Ref. x3 Rozebrali mi składaka, rozebrali mi składaka rozebrali mi składaka i uciekli na bosaka. 1. Gdy wracałem raz ze żwiry zobaczyłem jakieś zdziry. Zajebałem im składaki bo to były mady faki. Dawaj"
  • Battleing - Eminem
    "I speak in Ebonics, Ismoke da Chronics, I aint illiterate, I don't need Hooked on Fonics, my rhymes are deep, i make em up in my sleep, well im countin white sheep wit lil Bo Peep, just watch em leap"
  • The World Is Yours - Macy Gray
    "{*in qoutes is children singing} "Hey young world" Check 1-2, check 1-2 "Hey young world" Check 1-2, check 1-2 "Hey young world, young world" "Young world, young world" This track here may cause"
  • Anotha Round - Tha Liks
    "Yeah, it's the return of three drunk mothafuckas Huh, yeah, it's Tha Liks We gots Stan the guitar man in the house Mothaclucka, uh, uh I'm sick like a sore throat swallow, drunk act to follow I'll make"
  • End of the time - Dilated Peoples
    "Hook: It all comes down to this, it all comes down (x3) A lot of match to insense, I'm tense with every sentence Dence is how my weed is I rock them ill Adidas Yo my feet is in deep peep my twist lingustics"
  • Y.B.E. (Remix) - Prodigy Of Mobb Deep
    "(Bars-n-Hooks) Startin' wit' us, through this take over we lockin' down the sound Hip Hop's makeover, we breakin' the rules and changin' the game We ain't yo QB regulars, we breakin' to change We the most"
  • A Tree Never Grown - Mos Def
    ""1, 2, 3, 4" 10x [88 Keys] Yo, this is 88... This is for Amadou Diallo Rest in peace, you still here Yo, I'm in a brownstone singin like Brownstone Bird's eye view wit the bodega Know Omega like Rakim Thinkin"

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