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deprche mode rush

  • Rush - Depeche Mode
    "Walk with me Open your sensitive mouth And talk to me Hold out your delicate hands And feel me Couldn't make any plans To conceal me Open your sensitive mouth Hold out your delicate hands With such a"
  • Rush - Bel Canto
    "Through the night the dark blue men came far across the starry sea, From Foreverland to Eternity. Rushed, rushed, rushed to the hill. There they would engrave the Oracle up on the hill that «Oh, we are"
  • Rush - OV7
    "Bailar... Tenerte muy cerca de m. Levantate hay algo mejor que sólo respirar para vibrar quiero entrar al fondo de tus secretos y encontrar mi libertad. CORO Bailar! Prender el fuego que hay en m Bailar!"
  • Rush - Suga Shikao
    "ki ni kuwanai yatsu tte iru ja nai? anna yatsu inakya ii noni... tte omotte'nai? sonna joukyou ni sugoku ii kanji no fukou no tegami ga aru n' da tte kodomo no koro yoku okutte kita anna yasuppoi itazura"
  • Rush - The Pharcyde
    "Rush, rush, rush, rush (Bootie Brown/Frank Fiction) What gets your adrenaline pumping? Overtaking Mental thought process move quickly to attain And acquire that state of being all desires seen Some get"
  • Rush - Black Moon
    "Rush, rush, rush, rush Rush, rush, rush, rush Rush, rush, rush, rush Rush, rush, rush, rush If I don't get in, I'm rushin' You can step aside or collide with this four-five bustin' No bluffin', just"
  • Rush - Freak Power
    "We're alone, each with our very own lives to lead, we carry our walls around in our pockets, Electricity crackles and bricks turn to dust, when you're there... I get a rush, straight to my head, I get"
  • Rush - Edwin
    "Sometimes you walk Sometimes you crawl Other times you're flying You feel the thrill not knowing where you'll land (chorus 1) Give me give me that rush i need wings and i need healing in my veins"
  • Rush - Feeder
    "Yeah, feel the rush, yeah! I'm gonna let it happen, let it show Feel the pressure, it won't let go It won't let go I wanna feel the rush, feel the heat Let it happen, it might release You don't know,"
  • Rush - Akon
    "(Akon) Hey-Aye! Upfront, Konvict Hey-Aye, OoO Yeaa! (Akon) I gotta find a way to get outta here x2 This ain't the way that I wanna live, no This ain't the way somethin' gotta give In a rush, rush (gotta"

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