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exam beseades renegade');

  • Renegade - Alexandra Burke
    "Missiles rain down on me I take 'em all Gun fire, ceasefire, I still bleed But I'm in denial I surrender every inch of me Put my hands up for the world to see Missiles rain down on me I take 'em all I'm"
  • Renegade - Hammerfall
    "See the outlaw stands alone beneath the burning sun The raging badlands now is his home There's no sign of victory, he lost his liberty and the only woman that he loved An outlaw chasing outlaws, a runner"
  • Renegade - Carpark North
    "Shout with me and hear the revolution beating. Drums leading towards a new world. Tear apart all maps cause they will only lead us to where we shouldn't be. We break the sides of all new worlds Everywhere"
  • Renegade - Tim McGraw
    "Baby, I go too fast too far Let's get it straight now The way things are I'm not the white knight in your fantasy But I could be your wildest dream I might ride with the wind I might follow the sun I"
  • Renegade - Heather Nova
    "Feat - ATBTake care, 'cause I'm coming inI see my shadow and I don't know whenI'm alive with youAnd it feels so trueWe don't need shelter on this skyBring back the storms that made us highI'm alive with"
  • Renegade - Warren Zevon
    "(Warren Zevon) Some prayers never reach the sky Some wounds never heal They still say someday the South will rise Man, I want to see that deal I don't want to grow old gracefully I don't want to go 'til"
  • Renegade - Thin Lizzy
    "He's just a boy that his lost his way He's a rebel that has fallen down He's a fool been blown away To you and me he's a renegade He's a clown that we put down He's a man that doesn't fit He's a king"
  • Renegade - ATB
    "Take care 'cause I'm coming in I see my shadow and I don't know when I'm alive with you And it feels so true We don't need shelter On this sky Bring back the storms That made us high I'm alive with you! Baby"
  • Renegade - Skrewdriver
    "You've been lying, for far too long You're just another snake in the grass You been stealing, from your own comrades' hands I reckon you're a pain in the ass We're gonna bring you down, bring you down"
  • Renegade - Running Wild
    "Living fast - you take it day by day One last chance - to throw it all away Mistrust is all you see in a world of hate You know the reason why - but way too late In his heart he knows that he won't fall"

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