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  • Obituary - Dreadful Shadows
    "I've seen the rain in vales of a deeper joy Don't mourn for me or my demise I'll away until we've found our deliverance The tears of your pain will melt the ice I'll never see when you smile, when you're"
  • Obituary - Gayleen Froese
    "When you sleep too much, they think you're dying. Next time they ask, I swear I'll say you'd died. And they'll ask me what my plans are now you're gone and now it's over. And I'll stay and lie to them"
  • Stoned Obituary - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "lightning cracked a crooked cross across the sky above the cross where he'd been hanging for a day (he was stoned again!) The breeze grew ice threw knives blew halos hallowed cinders flew together made"
  • Overture Or Obituary - Korn
    "I'm facing the light But fading to black I'm offering peace As I'm stabbed in the back Yet i'm feeling ignored My house is made up steel With paper for doors I've tried to hate you But fear regrets I'm"
  • Cause Of Death - Obituary
    "Artist: Obituary Transciptter/Copy righter: LSlasher Band's artists: Frank Watkins James Murphy John Tardy - Vocal Trevor Peres "
  • Bullituary (remix) - Obituary
    "Ha Ha. Only true, only true Obituary and Diablo D., Skinner T, wants some pleasure. Bastard cycle. Profession of a make of myself. ...well with a spell...clocked in. Evil men, evil deeds, evil time to"
  • Chopped In Half - Obituary
    "With the dying Rot in hell religious one the chosen son Find the darkness kill the day You said you'd never cease saying We're the cause of death Find the one kill the need You're the one to make him"
  • Don't Care - Obituary
    "Not the one Souls are gonna burn You're the one Coming down the dead Thru the darkness Skies are gonna shout Pray for lies But who's the one to go Streams of blood Flow into the streets Feeds the need Of"
  • Dying - Obituary
    "Come on, don't do well where I feed the living hearts I got a torch to light Feel these smelter fires burn Chorus: I don't care what they say ! I don't care ! I'll do what I want ! I am by your side tell"
  • Kill For Me - Obituary
    "Robbed of the soul. Live in hell. Rise above the charred believings' bowel. Rise above the soul's chalky chains. Give the destiny what it's named. The darkest white brought in death balloons soon to come. Rise"

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