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  • Old Polina - Great Big Sea
    "There's a noble fleet of whalers, they're sailing from Dundee Manned by British sailors that take them o'er the sea. On a western ocean passage, we started on the trip We flew along just like a song on"
  • Net - All
    "All the fun I never had All the love you never gave All the brains I never used Against womankind, away from you Fighting for the softest touch Biting for the slowest kiss Hating waiting to be missed I"
  • Net - Nichya
    "rjadom s toboj esche vchera na mnogo dnej vpered byl ja (Nyet...) na mnogo let vpered zhil ja (Nyet...) rjadom s toboj esche bol'nej na mnogo snov vpered stalo (Nyet...) na mnogo let vpered zval ja (Nyet...) rjadom"
  • Book of Love (ft. Polina) - Felix Jaehn
    "In the midnight haze We are sitting in the sun The light hits your face and i know that you're the one We could fill the pages with good dreams tonight I wanna be a chapter in your book of love In your"
  • Net Hier - Nicholis Louw
    "Jys net hier in my hart As ek jou soek is jy alewig daar En jy ken die pad Jong ek wonder waar kry ek jou vandaan As ek aan jou dink is dit verby met my Want dit bly by my ek het jou gekry Jys nog altyd"
  • The Net - Icycore
    "Stand, in front of these useless emotions have gone away Creed, this is my reign for shall I deny the flesh and the blood Free, from space and time A nameless design of reality Cold, once felt before Relieving"
  • Safety Net - Twin-A
    "How's it gonna be when I'm not there to catch you? Catch you when you fall the way you do. When you hit the ground just like a dead weight You'll know exactly how it feels to be with you I think I have"
  • A Million Voices (Eurowizja 2015) - Polina Gagarina
    "We are the worlds people Different yet we're the same We believe We believe in a dream Praying for peace and healing I hope we can start again We believe We believe in a dream So if you ever feel love"
  • Climbing The Net - Arena
    "I can see the other side Keeping my head bowed down I can see them all around Dead staring eyes Donning their Ascension robes Waiting for the time Shouting down below 'I told you once before - I told you"
  • Net Een Ballon - Kinderen Voor Kinderen
    "M'n leven leek zo veilig Ik ging gewoon naar school Op dinsdag naar pianoles En vrijdags boerenkool Op zondag naar m'n oma We gingen met de trein M'n leven leek zo veilig Maar dat bleek niet waar te zijn Want"

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