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  • Impact - SG Lewis, Robyn, Channel Tres
    "I am gon' now I send you Impact The love it' I am in the haze you're Impact"
  • Impact - Juniper Lane
    "Don't let the sun Get in your eyes You get one shot So make it good Bring up your arm To block the light The impact can be beautiful You can't own Your innocence It's what you lose When we"
  • Impact - Against Me!
    "Impact! i'm the disco fucker of the new generation. i'm in line with active invention, here's a fist to forward your fucking evolution. head full of ten o' clock education. military action gives me"
  • Impact - Reactor
    "I open my eyes A new reality It's filling the sky Full of ambiguity I feel it inside It's growing on me Oh I try to control But it's spreading the disease There's a rush in my head There's nothing that"
  • Impact - Taproot
    "I make an impact on lives Through truth as well as lies, I overcome your eyes and leave an etched memory forever, It's my gift my intentions, are only well, Its my gift, fine I lead people everyday, Always"
  • Impact - Stick To Your Guns
    "What do I have to do to get through to you? I've sat and waited patiently, And its so plain to see That you no longer have any faith in me. So what happens when we're all gone And you have no one left"
  • Impact - Aceyalone
    "You can lock your door from the thief, never the liar I got a firm belief, fight fire with fire When there's one too many chiefs, all the indians conspire And somebody gotta go so I can take it higher Cause"
  • Second Best - Pedro The Lion
    "The impact The aftershave The European cigarettes The taxi The alcohol That lingers on your breath The lipstick The street lamp The woolen overcoat The front desk You turn yourself It isn't over yet Second"
  • Second Glance - A Day To Remember
    "This is for you (this is for you). You're the one worth waiting for. You're all I ever needed in this life. Lets sneak out the back, so we can see What it took to bring us here and be here. So reminded"
  • Sudden Impact - Exciter
    "Battles of death are upon us Burning at a constant pace Destruction of time is awaited The end of a civilized place Can mankind afford this? The heat and the suffering minds Equipped for sudden impact But"

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