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  • Meridian - Sirenia
    "Daylight adorn her withering lifeforce with a long lost river that mend all her woe in it's flow May i redeem my funeral self in thy mirror of soul sanctorum to frame every night a delight Thou stalk"
  • Sister Nightfall - Sirenia
    "Every time you come around You divert my feelings, and bring me further down Would you like to be the serpentine whirls of the stream? Would you like to cope for all your dreams? Sister Nightfall controlling"
  • On The Wane - Sirenia
    "Do you live a lie? Are you lost in life? On the wane tonight like every night Do you live a lie? Would you like to try? In this world of vainly missions I'm a god of superstition Would you grant me a"
  • In A Manica - Sirenia
    "How can you stand there like a weakening fire awaiting the final end? If you consider still hanging in there You will wither in each and in every way How can you stand it? Say can you mend it? Don't you"
  • At Sixes And Sevens - Sirenia
    "In times of strife you seem to lose it all, and more somehow No waning life can retrieve it Can't make the world a better place to thrive nor can I keep on persisting You're on the wane in funereal winds with"
  • Lethargica - Sirenia
    "Lethargic sleepers they close their eyes Diverted dreamers unfolding their lives Sleep now sister enfold your fall You can't take the exile anymore And like all the others, you're lost tonight Would you"
  • Manic Aeon - Sirenia
    "Stranger...come inside Read my epitaph, deranged am I? Estranged one...haunting me Be my lover, I prithee Prophecies of death outside take the moonshine for a ride Haunting faces and staring eyes bring"
  • A Shadow Of Your Own Self - Sirenia
    "Tell me now you sinner you run for a better world Tell me why you'd leave her despite all the hurt Don't deny that you once tried to mend the circumstances now out of hand And don't deny your life's a"
  • In Sumerian Haze - Sirenia
    "In sumerian haze you search for another day Guess another vail left you this way Thoughts on a line where I leave it all behind Nothing can mend the hurt inside Sweetened horizons dance away the pain"
  • Lithium And A Lover - Sirenia
    "When all my demons set their sails and my mind is riding the last train Down a one-way track to the final station Destination Devastation A thousand demons at my door screaming at my crumbling walls My"

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