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slayback so cute

  • Cute - Blog 27
    "Im not this cute, cute little girl! Im not playing with that shit!Im more whatever girlAnd exactly now what want from lifeUr makin me LOLU better get off ma way!So now shut up!!!And stop yelling at me!I"
  • I'm So Cute - Frank Zappa
    "Frank Zappa (lead guitar, vocals) Adrian Belew (rhythm guitar, vocals) Tommy Mars (keyboards, vocals) Peter Wolf (keyboards) Patrick O'Hearn (bass, vocals) Terry Bozzio (drums, vocals) Ed Mann (percussion,"
  • Cute (I'm Not Cute) - Blog 27
    "Zwrotka 1 : I'm not kick you little girl! I'm not playing without shoot! I'm more that witress girl, yeah! Exciting nowhere, wait for life! You make me L-O-L You better get off my way! So now, should I"
  • Cute Boy - Lumidee
    "Oh baby how I wish That I could be your star If I could have one wish then it would be all this that i could be your star I can see right through you You're really a playa like the rest is true Only"
  • Too Cute - Devin The Dude
    "Im A Cool Like Fellow - Lay Back Mellow Smokin' Out Type Of Dude How Does A Lacville Rollin' - Ghetto Rollin' Guy Get A Girl Like You Im Curious But Serious - Tell Me What Kind Of Chances Do I Have With"
  • Cute Boy - Stars
    "Ohh girl look at that cute boy! Yea he is cute girl go talk to him. Aight watch this! Hey cutie! Wuz up ? Nothin you know juss lovin tha life! Well I was juss wonderin if u wanna call me sometime"
  • Ain't that cute - Aaron Carter
    "My mama told me I'm too young to love But I know what I know and I can't get enough I'm thinking about you and me holding hands Pushing you on a swing We can do anything Cause when I think of you"
  • Cute boring love - Blindside
    "She said what I was supposed to think Thank God for freedom Thank God for liberation (She said) Now we are allowed to think Now we are allowed to feel lust without cute boring love But don't you ever just"
  • Cute Sweet Love Addiction - Johnny Gill
    "Cute Sweet Love Addiction Gimme a low key brewski I'm gonna be alright Just like sugar (sugar) Girl you're so sweet (sugar girl you're so sweet) Lip smacking finger licking good I wanna taste you Like"
  • Cute When You Scream - Senses Fail
    "(FUCK with, my heart) I'll teach you what its like (To be, so used) That you'll have to clean that dirt stuck in your plastic fingernails and just the scent of you is enough to make me sick and all i"

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