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Agnes Obel - Aventine

  • Aventine - Agnes Obel
    "Will you go ahead to the Aventine? In the holly red in the night Dirt under my shoe from the old at heart Right under you, grinning in the dark You carried my heart in the night To bury the wave in the"
  • Aventine - Brazil
    "Watch me and stay close beside So helplessly waiting close my eyes And hold me now because it's after me Just waiting for my last breath Vague distant holes in my history The nightside I'm drifting so"
  • Agnes - XIII.stolet
    "Agnes to jmno v kamenech mluv k nm Kdy minulost vrac se Agnes kdo t znal a kdo byl tvj ne la do kltera Agnes ty dvko zapomenut Mla jsi tajn hch Ou Agnes je voln kdy hodiny jdou A roky pozptku let /:Ou"
  • Agnes - Donnie Iris
    "We were standing on the corner one night Me and Agnes She had these tight jeans on And these high shoes Bad It was a warm September night Wind was blowin' through the trees This dude Louie was looking"
  • Alas Agnes - Mystery Jets
    "Agnes it all ended up in tears Well we were an odd couple you and I In our strange and original attire I thought, I thought it was love at first sight My mother, my mother, she shivered with fright"
  • Agnes A Krysa - Daniel Landa
    "AGNES: Stj, ty, co jen skrv tv, tvj hlas t prozrad. Ty zajal's mou dui a srdce mi bu, kdy stoj v pozad. Nejsi z tamtch zstup mu spadlch z nebe, co vdycky m chtli a jen nevdli, e ekm na tebe. KRYSA: Ty"
  • I Got It From Agnes - Tom Lehrer
    "I love my friends, and they love me, We're just as close as we can be. And just because we really care, Whatever we get, we share! I got it from Agnes, She got it from Jim. We all agree it must have been Louise"
  • Obl - Kazik
    "To długie oblężenie To długie oblężenie Zamienia miasto w więzienie Włóżmy go do cysterny Nie mówi tego, co chcemy Trzydziesty ósmy proroka Jeremiasza O braku wiary króla Sedekiasza Otoczeni przez Babilon"
  • Tough Love (ft. Agnes, Vargas & Lagola) - Avicii
    "weight is on me weight is on you we scream and we fight like there’s nothing to lose end of the day come and take my arm there’s no place I’d rather be than in your arms weight is on me weight is on you sometimes"
  • Dorian - Agnes Obel
    "They won't know who we are So we both can pretend It's written on the mountains A line that never ends As the devil spoke we spilled out on the floor And the pieces broke and the people wanted more And"

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