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Ben Harper Reason To Mourn

  • Reason To Mourn - Ben Harper
    "I can't know the hell you love But I know you've had enough Some baptize in water some in flames Oh, in flames, oh in flames Don't you give me a reason to mourn Oh, don't you give me a reason to mourn Look"
  • Ben Harper / Forever - Ben Harper
    "Not talkin' 'bout a year No, not three or four I don't want that kind of forever In my life anymore Forever always seems To be around when it begins But forever never seems To be around when it ends So"
  • Ben Harper / Walk Away - Ben Harper
    "Oh, no Here comes that sun again That means another day Without you my friend And it hurts me To look into the mirror at myself And it hurts even more To have to be with somebody else And it's so hard"
  • Ben Harper / Burn One Down - Ben Harper
    "Let us burn one from end to end and pass it over to me my friend Burn it long, we'll burn it slow, to light me up before I go If you don't like my fire then don't come around cause I am gonna burn one"
  • Ben Harper / Waiting On An Angel - Ben Harper
    "Waiting on an angel, one to carry me home Hope you come to see me soon 'Cause I don't want to go alone I don't want to go alone Now angel won't you come by me? Angel hear my plea Take my hand, lift me"
  • Mourn - Apoptygma Berzerk
    "Lost in the depths, the depths of your eyes I couldn't resist, why should I? I want to relax, I want to feel free I want to be you, you want to be me I look at you, I look at your face Reach for my hand,"
  • Mr. Harper - Jeannie C. Riley
    "Mr Harper (what do you want) I feel sorry for you (oh yeah) Cause I understand the reason you drink and think what you do Mr Harper (what) your woman is weak (oh yeah) You can't hold up your head and walk"
  • Harper Road - Sun Kil Moon
    "Blackberries ripe on the branches Her skin is burning, she bends to pick them Bake a delicious pie For our aching stomachs we delight Sorrow came in floods this April With our reason humble warning we're"
  • Inna Di Red - Ben Harper, Stephen Marley - Stephen Marley
    "Inna Di Red V1 I didn't get no sleep at all last night My shoulders were as heavy as lead I felt something was just not right I had to roll a little spliff for my head So I took a walk inside Talked"
  • Don't Mourn - Pantheist
    "Don't mourn now for your lost life and what did you do to deserve it? it was just a bitter gift Pull yourself together and with your last strength make a final prayer thank for the precious present... death The"

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