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Bomfunk MCs Crack it

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Bomfunk MCs Crack it
  • Freddie Foxxx Mcs Come & Mcs Go
    ""shaquita your mother's at the door, shaquita your mother's at my door She said you shoulda been home at 11:30, she's at my door" Intro: Check it out party people in the house we wanna set the party off"
  • Bush Babees 3 MCs
    "(feat. Q-Tip) Hey yo, MC am I People call me Man I'm everywhere like air, so watch as I expand Live and direct from out the Flatbush lands 'Cause I got more rhymes than the beach got sand (who you"
  • Kru Mcs Groove
    "-chat- yo hommie you know what? some people claim that the local rapperz ain't makin' the grade u know what I'm sayin'? (word) hey, what's up y'all is it true that we're not makin' the grade or is it due"
  • Smut Peddlers Stank MCs
    "(kool keith) Yeah! One two.. smut peddlers Kool keith.. in the place (I stays actin like that!) Pose for tv in lightning dub fashion Big cities like new york and l.a. need some action Channel 2 support"
  • Cassidy Crack
    "CRACK!! For the money you know how we play... we flip that C-R-A-C-K CRACK!! For the money you know how we play... we move that C-R-A-C-K CRACK!! For the money you know how we play... we sell that C-R-A-C-K "
  • 2 Chainz Crack
    "Aye Jack, start that beat from the ti'nop Yeah, Based on a T.R.U. Story, uh Started from the trap now I rap No matter where I'm at I got crack Started from the trap, now I rap No matter where I'm at,"
  • Ultraspank Crack
    "I don't know what's growing on the inside But I do know how it looks from the outside Surprise...suffer Never before...until you dropped Arrogance has swept you off your feet As you celebrate the many"
  • Peel Crack
    "(here i' am) Yeah, I'm goin', goin', goin' far away I never felt caught up and so astray I'm turning, turning, turning one last look To see the sum of all the hits I took (let it go) It's over, over, when"
  • Sage Francis Crack
    "I'd give a twenty one gunshot salute With a toy rifle that you bought me but it won't shoot And all is well because there's been one too many shots The sterile robots want to talk to me about Detox Stop"
  • Scarface Crack
    "They say the world is a ghetto, I'm witnessin a generation die By poverty sickness and homicide Now momma on the front pew, askin the preacher why Like he knowin what it's like to be hated and criticized And"

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