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Colleen welsch

  • Colleen - Ted Leo And The Pharmacists
    "Colleen never to be crowned queen, never an evergreen Floating above the scene as still as a figurine Expressionless, so serene, but I know what makes you scream So don't you run out of steam I know"
  • Colleen - Joanna Newsom
    "I'll tell it as I best know how, And that's the way it was told to me: I Must have once been a thief or a whore, Then surely was thrown overboard, Where, they say, I came this way from the deep blue sea. It"
  • Colleen (I Saw Him First) - Amanda Marshall
    "Let me tell you about Colleen My best friend since I was three She always had a taste for dangerous things Her scandalous tongue was extreme I was always the one left holding the bag Smiling and covering"
  • Carly - Colleen Welsch
    "Carly, you know this song is about you Carly, this song might make you angry I know you're obsessive So over-protective But I can stand on my own Carly, I do not mean to hurt you Carly, this song might"
  • El Diablo - Colleen Welsch
    "El Diablo how I love him so If only I weren't afraid of telephones My friends stopped asking me how I am And started asking me if I've called him yet I wanted to ask him to see Goldmember with me And"
  • Just A Tuesday - Colleen Welsch
    "I've face a million fears in my life But nothing has scarred me life this Thanking God that I'm alive And feeling for people I don't know but I know I'll miss I hardly cry ever But nows just one of"
  • Too Dumb - Colleen Welsch
    "It feels like I'm always hiding But I don't know what it is that I'm fighting I get so confused when I try to think I used to understand everything Could you be too dumb To understand How much it hurts"
  • Break Free (Ft. Cara) - DJ Colleen Shannon & Glassesboys
    "I'm break I'm breaking down Our love can't save me kow I try to let you know That I can't stay with you anymore This must be feels like To bury the light Don't matter how hard I try to scream You don't"
  • Calling Zero - Guided By Voices
    "Scary, did the sun come out t'day? Blasted, I did not recall the program Honey, did the weekend make you ill? Hush Margarita, make it go away Calling Zero I love a girl named Colleen But she loves"
  • Star Of The County Down - Cronistes
    "Near Banbridge town, in the County Down One morning in July Down a boreen green came a sweet colleen And she smiled as she passed me by. She looked so sweet from her two white feet To the sheen of her"

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