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Exo Lightsaber

  • Exo-Skeleton - Tidfall
    "Through the grey fields of sensation, hammering. Neon shock through spinal cords, hammering. Rust shell, the armoured hell. Exploding towards the inner still-life Lifeblood changes it's streaming paths,"
  • Exo politics - Muse
    "Open the skies over me, I am waiting patiently, I'll wait for a sign. As conspiracies unwind, Will you slam shut or free your mind? or stay hypnotized. When the Zetas fill the skies, Will our leaders"
  • Exo trelathi - Sarbel
    "Thelw na girisw to roloi ligo pisw Na mhn se ksanagnwrisw Ti zwh alliws na zhsw to onoma sou mhn rwthsw ta filia sou mhn zhthsw orkus na mhn sou xarisw onira mhn ksanaxtisw ta dio matia sou na sbisw ta"
  • Lightsaber Man (Styx Blue Collar Man) - Song Parodies
    "Ooh! Give me a robe, I've got the Force, you see. For Master Yoda, I'll strive. I'm just a fool who wants to be a Jedi Knight To keep the Jedi alive! My father turned evil. My uncle and aunt- I saw them"
    "Album EXO "DON’T MESS UP MY TEMPO" będzie miał premierę 2 listopada 2018 roku."
    "This street is completely crazy Strangers in between people Every moment that we’re together like "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!" What's up? Hey girl, that one moment felt like eternity (the fate-like"
  • Obsession - EXO
    "i want you want you i want you want you i want you want you i want you want you as the nights makes me blind you snuck in again you lisk around my ears while I am asleep, stare then you scratch"
  • Don't fight the feeling - EXO
    "When everythig was revealed Under the light The drive in a lonely circuit began You have to lose everything You must admit it That’s how you truly achieve freedom"
  • On Me - EXO-SC 세훈&찬열
    "On Me On Me!"
  • Them - Misfits
    "Man's atomic age is here Horrifying hordes appear Exo-Skeleton armored Exo-Skeleton might Exo-Skeleton horror Exo-skeleton bite Beware of THEM! Something wicked this way comes Creepy crawling giant bugs"

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