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I can't stop raving

  • Can't Stop Raving - Dune
    "I can't stop raving (8x) I can't stop raving (8x) Come and take a trip with me To a land where love is free Follow me into the light Everything's gonna be allright Just to go and take my hand I will"
  • I'm Raving - Scooter
    "Good evening!! Put on my raving shoes and I boarded a plane. Touched down in the land where the skies were blue, in the middle of the pouring rain. Everybody was happy, energy shining down on me. Yeeeah,"
  • Raving Winds - Robert Burns
    "Raving Winds (Robert Burns) Raving winds around her blowing, Yellow leaves the woodlands strowing, By a river hoarsely roaring, Isabella stray'd deploring- 'Farewell hours that late did measure Sunshine"
  • Can't Stop - Hanson
    "Oh yeah Can't stop thinking about you Can't stop thinking about you Morning, day or night I tremble at your sight It's impossible to fight, I've tried Now you're in my head And your mind I've read Could"
  • Can't Stop - Leo Sayer
    "Writers: leo sayer & alan tarney Somebody get a fireman Somebody come along and hose me down I think I'm going crazy She got me dancin' like a clown The d.j. plays desire (catch a fire) Wanna take you"
  • Can't Stop - MoZella
    "Speak to me, read my mind Fill your mouth, with flesh and wine And I'll be yours, just give me time Give me time... Cause you have everything I could ever want You have everything I could ever want"
  • Can't Stop - Erick Right
    "It's been 5 hours and 3 minutes since I left your bed And still somehow I can't seem to get you out of my head Displaying emotions, affection words I neva say Your lovings got me wrap up tight and I just"
  • Can't Stop - Tesla
    "Young girl sweet as candy, a-turnin' hearts to stone. She'll catch a young man's fancy. A-love 'em, leave 'em alone. I should-a seen it comin'. She took me for a ride. Still feel the fire burnin'. That's"
  • Can't Stop - Madonna
    "Can't stop Can't stop thinking about you babe, can't stop Can't stop screaming and shouting your name, can't stop Look out boy 'cause I'm going to the top Of your list, can't stop I've tried and tried"
  • Can't Stop - Leeland
    "I can't believe You're here close to me It's getting hard to stand But I don't want to leave Your beauty stands out Like a bright light shining through the clouds It's overwhelming just to be with You"

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