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Later bicher

  • Later - Cat Stevens
    "Later, I want to talk it out with you Try to get my message through That's not all I want to do Later Later, I want to feel your body close From your head down to your toes Maybe help you fold your clothes Later I"
  • Later - Stephen Sondheim
    "Later... When is later? All you ever hear is "Later, Henrik, Henrik, later." "Yes, we know, Henrik, Oh, Henrik, Everyone agrees, Henrik, Please, Henrik!" You have a thought you're fairly bursting"
  • Later - Fra Lippo Lippi
    ""Later" How could you come with me when you knew all along that you had to go How could you watch me sleep so close to you pretending not to know How could you memorize my name and forget who i am How"
  • Later - Jordan Pruitt
    "I've seen you around a lot before Always looking like a movie star Hanging out with all your friends In your Porsche Cayenne, for sure All the girls think you're a dream And I know just what they mean In"
  • Later - Heavy Trevy
    "GOOD BYE AND FUCK YOU cant you see that its to late for your ass so come take your shit back why do you always kick me when im down lie to me cuz i no u sleep around well when i first met u i"
  • Later - Example
    "Head spins around spins around spins around spins around"
  • Later Tonight - Pet Shop Boys
    "You wait 'til later 'Til later tonight You wait 'til later, 'til later 'Til later tonight That boy never cast a look in your direction Never tried to hook for your affection Dresses like the mod of your"
  • Now & Later - Chris Brown
    "It's like I'm at a candy buffet Gum drops, blow pops, strawberries, and grapes I know You got the flavor You all in the mix like a cup of Kool Aid When I try to kiss ya Put the suga on my lips I can't"
  • Later On - Casual
    "Casual Miscellaneous Later On I wake up in the morning feeling fine and refreshed Take a look into the mirror to see who's rhymin' the best Ah, there he is, lookin' right my way So i hookup with jay, so"
  • Later On - Permanent Me
    "Later on Later on i'll sing for you and so it is your parents tell you what to do all day and every night you are ripping appart at the seems im telling you every one wants what you leave its eventual"

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