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News lala

  • News Story - Kid Capri
    "Yeahhh.. mmhmm I don't know what's goin on Everybody tryin to flip All they need to do is do the right thing Put it where it's supposed to be News story.. open to the media Crime bosses, do or die, or"
  • No News Is Bad News - Cursive
    "I took a stroll down a primrose lane on a clear blue day Everything seemed so perfectly placed Daises lined each manicured lawn Well groomed men walked well groomed dogs Stopped in a bar for a mid-day"
  • LaLa - Ashlee Simpson
    "You can dress me up in diamonds You can dress me up in dirt You can throw me like a lineman I like it better when it hurts Oh, I have waited here for you I have waited You make me wanna lala in the kitchen"
  • Cedar Lane - First Aid Kit
    "After all Passage Headed out again Motel Blues Only bad news I never looking for you Find me all the same I like you And vision The trace form the past __ And never falls To bring me back"
  • Brackenberry Lane - Pola
    "So you talk in your sleep And you wonder why No one is listening to you now You are sleeping so deep Nothing to bother you no how So you dream you are God Knowing ever-ee-thing And you're gonna teach"
  • Lala - Clueso
    "Lalalala Lalalala Hey hey, hey Baby Lalalala Lalalaa Hey, hey Baby Ich htt nie gedacht, dass es vorkommt, Ich konnt sie nicht hrn, die ganzen Lovesongs, Doch luft jetzt n Lied wie dieses sing ich laut"
  • Lala - Teairra Mar
    "La la La la (Track boys S dot) Lets go Ayo Teairra What's up girl Damn you looking incredible these days you know Are you still with ol' dude? I be seeing you out the ghetto But you know he can't do"
  • News - Kraftwerk
    "Hier ist der Westdeutsche Rundfunk mit den Nachrichten Fnfzig Atomkraftwerke sollen in der Bundesrepublik In den nchsten zehn Jahren errichtet werden Jedes einzelne kann eine Millionenstadt mit Strom versorgen (English"
  • News - Kirlian Camera
    "(written by Angelo Bergamini in 1980) Im a crystal flash the cold dark of the people is living near me I feel like a stranger that cannot rest his eyes Im like a dusty mirror Im not shure, Im confused I"
  • News - Dire Straits
    "He sticks to his guns He take the road as it comes It take the shine off his shoes He says it's a shame You know it may be a game Ah, but I won't play to lose He's burning the grass He take up a glass He"

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