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Nicolette Larson

  • Petty Larson - Luti-Kriss
    "Your hands hold more than you know. The way your eyes will talk to me. Every breath you breathe, Breathes right on Me. What's been done around: Round and Round Again. My eyes can see you Affecting me. But"
  • Nicolette Krebitz Wartet - Fettes Brot
    "Nicolette Krebitz wartet Wir kamen gerad aus ihrem neusten Film Jetzt galt es ein groes Gefhl zu stillen Ihr wisst ja, dass Liebe durch den Magen geht Auf zum Italiener bei der Videothek Irgendwas schien"
  • Nicolette krebitz wartet - Brot Fettes
    "Wir kamen gerad' aus ihrem neustenFilmJetzt galt es ein grosses gefhl zuStillenIhr wisst ja das liebe durch denMagen gehtAuf zum italiener bei der videothekIrgendwas schien heute nicht wieNormalSie stand"
  • A Lotta Love - Nicolette Larson
    "its gonna take a lotta love to change the way things are its gonna take alotta love or we wont get too far so if you look in my direction and we dont see eye to eye, my heart needs protection and so"
  • Sleep Baby Sleep - Nicolette Larson
    "Over in Cararne Many years ago My mother sang a song to me In a tone so sweet and low. Just a simple little ditty In her good old Irish ways And I'd give the world If she could sing that song to me this"
  • No Government - Nicolette
    "No government is a way of life. No government means to trust your friends. I know who I am and you know who you are. If everybody knew what they wanted, there'd be nothing, nothing left. People would"
  • Sly - Nicolette
    "I try to believe what i feel these days It makes life much easier for me It's hard to decide what is real these days When things look so dizzy to me I already know my children's children's faces Voices"
  • The Unknown Stuntman - Glen Larson
    "Well I'm not the kind to kiss and tell but I've been seen with Farah. I've never been with anything less than a nine so fine. I've been on fire with Sally Fields gone fast with a girl named Bo but somehow"
  • Life After You - Brie Larson
    "I've been on a roller coaster since you said we were over Cause you didn't want to be tied down I felt like a loser, wasted and used So scared to move without you around I thought I was gonna die,"
  • Whatever - Brie Larson
    "Come On Let's Go All Right Are You Ready? Thought we were so good together Guess forever didn't really mean always I found out the hard way (hey-yea) Now where's my happy ever after A simple question"

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