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  • Primordial Aeons - Meadows End
    "I mute towards the old I know that idle time rushes towards the past. A new beginning coming forth a time to face the old. I know that winning is not lost. When the life has begun. And see a newborn"
  • Primordial Breath - Eluveitie
    "The calling wind on my face Waving from the summoning of giants That heals my soul The virile fragrance of alpine tor The blowing breath of this fold That dreams me Pervading every single nook of existence ''Refrain:'' Veidon"
  • Empire Falls - Primordial
    "A cold wind is blowing Through the graves it is blowing And it bares a poisoned tongue And the foul breath of deceit I am my Fathers Son And his deeds Cannot be undone...be undone You trade in his blood Writing"
  • Gallows Hymn - Primordial
    "Sister, do not pray for me There is no forgiveness here Just the longest and the darkest night And my peoples end And brother, many a crooked day we spent Telling tales and making myths Sharpening our"
  • As Rome Burns - Primordial
    "We are falling over the ends of the earth So gather your children before you And tell them that these are final days of all Preach to the paupers And sing to the slaves I see youve chosen to loose your"
  • Failures Burden - Primordial
    "Days drift and I rise to the cold sun I was born an old child With no place for faith in my heart Aged in my sleep for bitter times ahead You may say Ive given up the ghost Once and for all admitted defeat And"
  • Heathen Tribes - Primordial
    "This is my church It stands so tall and proud It has done for all times It has no walls Yet its vast halls Reach from shore to shore To whatever shore You know as your own We stand as one, we stand alone We"
  • Traitors Gate - Primordial
    "Borders swell like the oceans Nations swept away In the steel rain Wounds carved in the earth The silent hands of genocide Map the years Forgotten legacies of dust People remembered in nothing But frugments"
  • No Nation On This Earth - Primordial
    "The sea will be as a desert When my bones are long to dust Beneath shifting dunes And the searing unconquerable sun Pile the bodies on the pyre Warm the old heart of the earth This is no place for faith,"
  • Cities Carved In Stone - Primordial
    "I lost my self, in those streets A passenger of foreign tongue The sun sets, in the same language And rises just the same There was no grand design To get to this point No absolutes, no given truths We"

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