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Slash Exclusive Interview - Top 10 favorite YouTube videos

  • Welcome to youtube - Bo Burnham
    "Before Youtube I walked through life. And now I frollic. Youtube has been like a father to me, Except Youtube's not an alcholic. Before Youtube I was just a skinny white kid, That thought he was funnier,"
  • Exclusive Helloween Interview - Helloween
    "Well, Japan. We've been there, I think, two times now, and it's always been a great fun playing there. I like the venues. They are sounding very good, they look very good, and kids over there really appreciate"
  • Slash - AdMa
    "Yeah, aha Yeah, aha Yeah, aha Yeah, aha Wku*wiona AdMa której nie znasz Bo jest dobrym dzieckiem Rzucam epitetami częściej niż chłopcami, wierzcie Dekapitację zna OX więc się łapią za głowy Łeb na karku"
  • Interview - Iam
    "Si c'est une interview que vous voulez, je vais vous la donner Attendez, j'dclenche le magnto, l Euhh voil, tous d'abord merci IAM De m'avoir invit dans vos locaux pour cette petite interview quoi C'est"
  • Videos - Flame
    "(Verse One) Little kids in the hood ain't got no money or no clothes They look at videos and see a Bentley or a Rolls Cats rock so much ice even got the children froze Glued to the tube with the screen"
  • Slash - Yo Gotti
    "Denial, finally my turn So if you play wit fire you know you gone get burned My life is in denial, finally my turn So if you play wit fire, you know you gone get burned I'm a pimp slash poet slash slash"
  • The I Interview - Sesame Street
    "Gary-Owens-Voice (GOV) guy comes onscreen, whipping out his lower-case "i" from a briefcase and he has a dialogue with a Rude Off-screen Voice (ROV): GOV: Hi-ho everyone, I bet you don't know what this"
  • Yellow Cat (Slash) Red Cat - Say Anything
    "I watch my yellow cat invade my red cat in the yard. The feline war has raged for years so I assume it'd be to hard for me to drive my foot between them. I would never risk the scratch just to prove to"
  • Exclusive - Avant
    "We dont need a videotape or a camera to make this ghetto love scene Was like a dream when I first met Your face and your stature The way you carry yourself It really turned me on Control myself, had"
  • My favorite - Twiztid
    "Man Ive Been Smokeing This Shit For Some Long (So Long)I Smoke Shit You Cant Even Pronounce Shit Like ?You Ever Smoke ? You Aint Never Smoked That Shit First Time I Snatched You Up I Took You In My Lungs"

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