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  • Love To You Taiwan - Lobo
    "(Lobo) I come to your land a stranger You made me feel at home You open up your arms and gave me warmth I never felt alone You won my heart forever With your gentle friendly ways So with love I send"
  • That's What You Get With People Like That On Cruises Like These - Solex
    "I won a cruise I'm on the loose, loose loose loose loose Jump in a pool with lots of booze In my bright blue suits From Taiwan, China And bright yellow shirts With my collar spread open. I won a cruise I'm"
  • That's what you get - Solex
    "I won a cruiseI'm on the loose, loose loose loose looseJump in a pool with lots of boozeIn my bright blue suitsFrom Taiwan, ChinaAnd bright yellow shirtsWith my collar spread open. I won a cruiseI'm on"
  • ZOMBOID - Dir En Grey
    "==Romanized Japanese== naasu, cosupure 'ni' namerare nagara gaman dekizu ni shasei no ojikan desu kimi no kao e to dobadoba bichabicha gofun tarazu no ojikan deshita ga kannou torippu torappu S torippu"
  • Anti-Nazi - Angelic Upstarts
    "Why are you asking? Do you want to know? Understand the meaning A lot to know If the answers hurt your brain My questions feed the pain Do you want to hurt me For the words I say? Don't it make you find"
  • Kung Fu - Ash
    "Kung Fu do what you do to me I haven't been the same since my teenage lobotomy Full on, I moved to Hong Kong With Bruce Lee's brother and Johnny Wong I think it's strange He's friends with Fu Manchu And"
  • Wooden Jesus - Temple Of The Dog
    "Wooden Jesus where are you from? Korea or Canada, mayeb Taiwan? I didn't know it was the holy land. But I believed from the minute the check left my hand And I pray. Can I be saved, I spent all my money On"
  • The Collector - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Butterflies, three blind mice, eight little maids in a box. He met them, he kept them, he carefully puts them away for the rainy day, when nothing's left, no nothing's left to collect. {Whistling} And"
  • Ruin - Cat Power
    "I’ve seen gypsies who made it all the way And kept going, kept rolling with nowhere to go Nowhere to go. As far as I’ve seen from the bush The wilderness, to every known city I’ve been to … color cut So"
  • Li'l 'Frigerator - Elton John
    "Music by Elton John Lyrics by Bernie Taupin She looked so easy 'cause she looked so young With a geisha smile made in Taiwan She got cherry bombs inside her eyes And the luck of the Irish on her side Don't"

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