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  • Blink - Meghan Trainor
    "I’m an eclipse I’m a shooting star I’ma you come quick then I break your heart watch out, watch out for me I am smarter than you think I m crazy but I am sweet you’ll see there ain’t nobody like me so"
  • Blink - Cascada
    "I don’t want to blink, I can’t close my eyes These are the best years of our lives I don’t wanna sleep while I’m alive I don’t wanna miss a thing tonight For once in my life I realized What I’ve been"
  • Blink - Ultimatum
    "Gone in a second, vanished in thin air. The Lord at His appearing, His people disappear. We are sons of God, we'll meet Him in the air. Those without Him will live in despair. Chorus: BLINK (x4) Coming"
  • Blink - Sonic Youth
    "I can see My body move It goes without me What I used to be Prove it A breath for you No kiss My tears they fly In the wind I blink you die Cuz you believe In what I can see My body moves It goes without"
  • Blink - Moloko
    "If you hear me, baby, blink! Do you even have the capability left to think? There seems to be a missing link Everybody's had a chance to see how far I can sink As I try to call you back As I try to call"
  • Blink - Plumb
    "I'd like to remember I'd like to know all you are I'd like to know everything you'll be Where will you go? What will you do? When the world's right in front of you When I think of how slowly life passes"
  • Blink - Happy Man
    "chodź mała polatamy se po mieście na zegarze 200 goni nas coś io io a dla nas za wcześnie okulary schowaj bo będę driftował a to ci sie spodoba chodź mała polatamy se po mieście na zegarze 200 goni nas"
  • Blink - Signs Of Betrayal
    "Do you stop and think This life could be over in just one blink? Do you look around And wonder if life will come crashing down? Are you questioning The choices you make and the dreams you seek? Some might"
  • Blink - Camouflage
    "Waiting's over Feel it in my blood And in my veins All the pleasure and the pain Is coming back again Shine a little shine on me From within I know that Life's making me a make believe ... Like a little"
  • Blink - 88 Fingers Louie
    "I'm sick of feeling like the faceless one but that's all changed because i've found someone if i had blinked i probably never would have met her and now i wouldn't change a thing she seems to sparkle with"

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