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cheryl lynn

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cheryl lynn
  • Waltham Cheryl
    "Come and take a ride! I knew this girl who couldn't read my face I'm twenty-one and she thought I was twenty-eight I'm freaking out, cuz I've been running for a while Baby, you ain't the first What can"
  • Ricky Skaggs Uncle Pen feat. Charlie Daniels, Cheryl White, Mar
    "Oh, the people would come from far away, To dance all night to the break of day. When the caller would holler: "Do Si Do", They knew Uncle Pen was ready to go. Late in the evening, about sundown, High"
  • Lily Allen Cheryl Tweedy
    "I wish I had one good reason why I should stay How'd I get myself Into this place? I wish had qualities like Sympathy Fidelity Sobriety Sincerity Humility Instead I got lunacy Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah Yeah,"
  • Dave Alvin Laurel Lynn
    "Dave Alvin (Blue Horn Toad Music, BMI, Administered by Bug Music) Laurel Lynn, Laurel Lynn Will I ever see your face again? Laurel Lynn, Laurel Lynn Will I ever see your face again? I cant say that I"
  • Xiu Xiu Gayle Lynn
    "is this the first time you've known regard? two weeks not enough to unnotice why are we like this? cut at whats already cut the littlest of stones no one visits this solitude and death for you, gayle"
  • Jill Paquette Katie-Lynn
    "Katie-Lynn, you've always lived your life out loud You know that's something I have always loved you for Katie-Lynn, this one has brought you to the ground Katie-Lynn, we all feel we've let you down Katie-Lynn,"
  • Bryan White Rebecca Lynn
    "Rebecca Lynn grew up in Carolina, Half a mile from Tucker Cherry's farm. A quiet girl with green eyes full of fire, Her daddy's pride and all her mama's charm. Rebecca Lynn became my heart's desire, Long"
  • Jethro Tull Jack a Lynn
    "Cold aeroplanes, slow boats, warm trains remind me of Jack-A-Lynn. Lush hotels and pretty girls won't cheer the misty mood I'm in. Silly, sad --- I've never had to write this before --- oh, Jack-A-Lynn."
  • Of Montreal Butterscotching Mr Lynn
    "I like you cause you look like a giraffe stretching out it's neck to get to fruit in a tall tree. You're always occupied with girly things your room is filled with girly posters of teen idols and roller"
  • Whiskeytown Ballad Of Carol Lynn
    "Lovin you has gotten wierd. You'll see the sun hangin' low down by your window. And all the rain left in the world can bring you home again. Oh Carol Lynn When trustin' you has gotten strange, You'll"

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