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Teksty piosenek (1675)

  • Hogwash Chronic
    "I spend all the time on hallucinations Since I want let myself believe that The neighborhood madman is coming my way He's really a prince in disguise and is coming my way Over my dead body The sound of"
  • Eligh Chronic
    "INTRO (Laughing) (Smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke, smoke) (Roll it up, roll it up, roll it up, roll it up, roll it up) (Herb) (Take a hit) (California marijuana) (Smoke a lot ??????) CHORUS X 2 (Eligh) It's"
  • Groundswell Chronic
    "Well look around and what you See is what you get Well I'm going to start it off, Get ready, get set I've been walking thin lines Since I don't know when It's like I cracked the ice and Now I'm falling"
  • Raging Speedhorn Chronic Youth
    "You will be dead tomorrow If you dont read the signs I try to break the law By kicking ass and getting high CHORUS (Goodtimes) We gotta drink some more alcohol Whiskey and wine (Goodtimes) A good smoke"
  • Bonnie Pink Chronic Vertigo
    "Nichiyou wa shuu ni ichido DESSERT wa shuu ni sando made Youfuku wa mainichi kaeru kedo Pa'tto shinai no wa naze kashira Gaishoku wa shuu ni ichido Gaihaku mo shuu ni ichido dake Nyuuyoku wa mainichi shiteru"
  • Tadpole Condition Chronic
    "And you turn your head and look right past me As you do It seems impossible to me to ignore melody As you do, as you do As you walk on past you seem to hesitate but you don't respond to my smile and you"
  • Snoop Dogg Chronic Break
    "Can we get a motherfuckin moment of silence, for the small chronic break? A-hah, niggaz be brown-nosing these hoes and shit. Takin bitches out to eat, and spendin money on these hoes, knowhatI'msayin? I"
  • Pestilence Chronic Infection
    "Music:Mamel Lyrics:Foddis Forced isolation in centuries of disgust Disease of the soul,living lives which rae lost Muddled identities, living out days Scaring it`s victims, a formless face Respiratory"
  • Evocation Chronic Hell
    "I know that you will go As a fallen no kharma no It turned back as pain inside Into nothing your soul I throw Who were you and what you left Means nothing I hope you bleed I know you know you didn't shine Wrack"
  • Legion Of The Damned Chronic Infection
    "Forced isolation in centuries of disgust Disease of the soul, living lives which are lost Muddled identities, living out days Scaring it's victims, a formless face Respiratory skin eruptions With protrudes"

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