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  • Gwar Theme - GWAR
    "Gazing through the toothy maw-- you could not conceive what I saw-- In my land there is no sun--In my country there are no guns--OK! 'Cause we are Gwar!!! And we'll go far!!! We've got guitars We'll go"
  • The Private Pain Of Techno Destructo - GWAR
    "FOOLS how dare you try to make a slave of me, Techno Destructo scumdog of the universe. It only allowed me to infiltrate your own race. How easy it was for me to gain control of the feeble minds of"
  • Techno's Song - GWAR
    "I'm the walking nightmare with the microchip like Sunday at the beach!!! Gwar must die! the cosmic leech--I'll make World War III look your pain. When it comes to taking life I'm clear a glass--Now it's"
  • The One Will Not Be Named - GWAR
    "Cross-creviced chasms vast And endless plains of unshaven ass Out time in Hell draws to the last We call upon the Master of the Pit Have you got a toilet? I must take a shit! Open your gates, Lord of Hate Or"
  • The Ultimate Bohab - GWAR
    "He proudly sports his rare GWAR hoodie When he puts it on it gives him such a woodie Zit-scarred and unpopular He's at the show alone Running his mouth to no one at all Later he cries bitter tears He"
  • The Morality Squad - GWAR
    "We're the Morality Squad Armed with the wrath of God My name is Granbo And here's my holy hot-rod Freedom to all the people Brave, true and strong Freedom to all the people Unless I think your wrong! Blasphemy Rapist"
  • The Years Without Light - GWAR
    "Scanning the crowd. Defiling the writhing masses. I saw your death, Impaled on iron fences. Your doom, to died on TV Because your death, your bloody death will never please me. Your fate was sealed."
  • Back In The Crack - GWAR
    "This journey Without time Always the beginning Yet..perpetual end Found we'd never left This time A battle un-won In the center of it again For this time death is at our command Returned to our former"
  • Escape From The Mooselodge - GWAR
    "GWAR, the once mighty Scumdogs of the Universe wallow in the filth that their lives have become. Drug addicted, riddled with disease They're not dogs, they're just scum... Could they get a chance to"
  • Song Of Words - GWAR
    "In the keep of Gwar much torment remained Despite all the bodies hacked in twain So many had died in the viscous campaign That the femurs alone made a fine mountain The master was no longer Gwar's sovereign Of"

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