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cover dive

  • Dive Dive Dive - Bruce Dickinson
    "Put and opening shot across your bows. Got tunnel vision, pull the sheets in now. Let 'em flap, let 'em rip. This man of war gonna sink your ship: Gonna blow you midships. Gonna dive tonight. There's no"
  • Dive In - All About Eve
    "Dive In I'd learn to fly I'd learn to swim I see the sky and I want to dive in I'd learn to dance But I've got two left feet And I won't get to fly Friend of mine you took me to the side And delivered"
  • Dive in - IGI
    "I'd Learn to FlyI'd Learn to SwimI See the Sky and I Want to Dive InI'd Learn to DanceBut I've Got Two Left FeetAnd I Won't Get to FlyFriend of Mine You Took Me to the SideAnd Delivered a Truth That Could"
  • Swan Dive Suicide - Hail The Villain
    "Perfect body rotting, outside still is hiding Theres a killer burning, creeping through my veins Make me feel distorted, left me here a coward For running, Im running, Im running, run Bow down for me,"
  • Dive - Nirvana
    "Pick me - pick me yeah Let a low, long signal At ease at least, yeah Everyone is hollow Pick me - pick me yeah Everyone is waiting Pick me - pick me yeah You can even pay them Hey Dive Dive in me Dive"
  • Dive - Christine Anu
    "The ocean is rising And I feel the water storming in The ocean's awaiting It's waiting for me to dive rignt in It's waiting for me to dive to dive It's waiting for me to dive to dive This water's got colour It"
  • Dive - Heaven 17
    "Please don't be afraid Believe what you see Whisper it a hundred times A lesson soon to be forgotten If you feel that life has passed you by (Dive) Come with me we'll flow into tomorrow (Dive) We can close"
  • Dive - Nina Hynes
    "Beyond the words you speak The sacred line from you to me In our own minds we touch the sky Our everyday lives we're keepers of time We can come down, I'll take you to mine Take you in to the devine And"
  • Dive - Bauhaus
    "We're going down We're going down We're going down To the kamikaze dive Fishnet leatherette Pussy Galore Psuedo sumo wrestler On the door Dangerous dances The dragons claw K-Tel oriental The monkey's paw."
  • Dive - BeForU
    "Anata to iru tabi ni sunao ni naru watashi ga Kono kimochi sou mono da to yatto ima ki ga zuita yo Kakushi kirenai afureru kono omoi Mou himitsu niha dekinai hitomi sorasenai Takishimeru omoi no TENSION anata"

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