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  • Desperate Andy - The Cranberries
    "He always holds on to his girlfriend That's where he likes to be He like to wear the ball and the chain on his neck A false sense of security And when he goes he goes with a smile And when he goes he"
  • Saving Grace - The Cranberries
    "It could happen here today It could happen here today And I can't wait to see your face No I can't wait to see your face Can you hold on while I take hold of myself Can you hold on while I take hold of"
  • Copycat - The Cranberries
    "They had an accident and they never noticed anyway A lack of originality couldn't focus on the day So much for the radio everybody sounds the same Everybody wears the same clothes now and everybody plays"
  • What's On My Mind - The Cranberries
    "Baby I would do anything for you Nobody's ever treated me quite like you do I've wasted too much time I've wasted too much time And I'm gonna tell you what's on my mind Yea yea I was wrong all along There"
  • Delilah - The Cranberries
    "Shout shout shout Delilah Shout shout shout at the top of your lungs Shout shout shout Delilah Shout shout shout until the kingdom comes Stay away from me Just stay away from my house Stay away from me Stay"
  • Fee Fi Fo - The Cranberries
    "Fee fi fo she smells his body She smells his body And it makes her sick to her mind He has got so much to answer for To answer for, To ruin a child's mind How could you touch something So innocent and"
  • Dying In The Sun - The Cranberries
    "Do you remember The things we used to say? I feel so nervous When I think of yesterday How could I let things Get to me so bad? How did I let things get to me? Like dying in the sun Like dying in the"
  • Sorry Son - The Cranberries
    "Sorry son, this is what I've done This is what I've done It was a long sad supper without you I had to be cruel to be kind We have to leave the past behind La la la And isn't it strange how people can"
  • Never Grow Old - The Cranberries
    "I had a dream Strange it may seems It was my perfect day Open my eyes I realize This is my perfect day Hope you never grow old Hope you never grow old Hope you never grow old Hope you never grow old Do-do-do-do Birds"
  • Analyse - The Cranberries
    "Close your eyes Close your eyes Breath the air, out there We are free We can be wide open For you opened my eyes To the beauty I see We will pray We will stay wide open Don't analyse, don't analyse Don't"

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