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  • Fallow - Fiction Plane
    "Sensing that this is a dark day I remember when the sun came again No need to fight the world myself I have victory built into history Cause I have seen better days There will be better days This is"
  • Fallow - The Weakerthans
    "Wait until the day says it's closing, and public is put away. Write by the light of a pay phone your list of "I meant to say". Like "Winter comes too soon", or "Radiators hum out of tune". Out under the"
  • Jonathan Fallow - Pain
    "Witness Jonathan Fallow, sit & stare, He's a cartoon engineer extraordinaire He's a tatterdemalion of dubious means, Paper champion pencil making scenes You see objects he sees life like Bulbous-eyed"
  • Fallow me - Vanessa Amorosi
    "Verse 1: So youre looking for answers, and theyre selling your choices in the confort of your own tv and the magazine covers, they made you discover beauty is all that you need pre-chorus: its"
  • Fallow The Light - Gina G
    "I will be there for you baby For you baby, ooo-oh! I will be there for you baby For you baby, ooo-oh! Turn around and let me read the secrets in your eyes Face me now and tell me there's no secret you"
  • Guest Of The Government - Admiral Fallow
    "So you've tied your colours to the mast Geld up the white bag with the highest flag Lock the bathroom door, boy, have a blast Use the flush to justify the aftermath The Aftermath Oh and look now you're"
  • Kiedy muzyka się upomni - Emil Blef, Rosalie, Szogun
    "Muzyczne przeszłość ściga mnie tam Pytam tylko How lat me now Nigdy nie wiesz kiedy upomni się rap Więc złącz dłonie i zrób ze mną V Zrobił fallow up Ted V Zrobił fallow up Mes wielokrotnie V Zrobił"
  • Children Of Stone - Marianne Faithfull
    "Our chemical devotions of the night, Bring endless labyrinths of vines to light. Your silent spell won't bring you home tonight. You couldn't open up your veins to light. All that blossoms, all that blooms"
  • Play It Cool - Steve Aoki & Monsta X
    "hold tight for me don't get ... my type - i see and i know that you know me i am not... she fallow me into the street there's a fire in your eyes"
  • Invisible - Switchblade Symphony
    "I feel that you should know I have an empty soul Its a warning 2X If you leave 2X I will fallow2X Whatever 2X Cant see them stomping on the switches Take my bathrobe round my fences See the empty views. If"

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