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  • Headbanger - Plasmatics
    "This Is For All You Headbangers Out Here You Know Who You Are (Ichi Ni San Shi) Headbanger You Got Your Brains French Fried Headbanger You're Gonna Burst Inside Headbanger You Got A Special Skill Headbanger You"
  • Headbanger - Pansy Division
    "I saw him at the Guitar Center He didn't look like a ten-percenter He was picking up picks and strings I was into picking up other things He was a hesher, a hairshaker Looked to me like a mattress breaker When"
  • HeadBanger - słoń
    "Prosto w twoją twarz Sprawdź to, sprawdź Jeden raz, prosto w twoją twarz Sprawdź to, sprawdź Jeden raz, prosto w twoją twarz Sprawdź to, sprawdź Jeden raz Ci wielcy wirtuozi słowa dziś mi uciekają spod"
  • Headbanger - Azad
    "Ich hab kein erbarmen Junge sieh mein flow ttet, Ich verkaufe Hunderttausend Platten wie ein Drogenknig, Ich hab das Land erobert jede Stadt gehrt jetzt mir, Ich halte das Zepter der Asphalt fr immer mein"
  • Headbanger Face Rip - Municipal Waste
    "He's goint to he concert He's full of thrashing rage He's going to rip his face off and throw it at the stage! Headbanger Face Rip She's putting on her makeup She's teasing out her hair She's"
  • Suzy Is A Headbanger - Ramones
    "Ooo-whee, do it one more time for me! Ooo-whee, do it one more time for me! Can't stop stop that girl there she goes again I really really love To watch her watch her headbangin' Suzy is a headbanger Her"
  • Off The Wu-Headbanger - Method Man
    "The mad stola, the mad stola (Who? Russel who?) Ha ha, nah let me stop Word up this is a Def Jam production Featuring, Johnny Blaze word up Another madman joint, dirtman on the track Watch how I flip the"
  • Vyrna Knowl Is A Headbanger - Soft Boys
    "She bangs a bowl She bangs a bat She bangs a ball and builds her cat She bangs her head Against the wall She bangs her head and slides her fat She catches Handel in her flat Her man is right In greasy"
  • They Used To Call It Dope - Public Enemy
    "Little piece of my heart like Janis No Joplin But pure hip hoppin As they try to ban us Crazy flight time no jacket Or ticket Wilson Picket had soul Fat trax so the rappers Can kick it Alan freed the waves As"
  • Power Thrashing Death - Whiplash
    "Inject it into the blood directly into the vein Metal assault on the ear feeling it flow to the brain It can get under the skin the power metal syringe It puts an end to all pain another headbanger singed Breathe"

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