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  • Kidneythieves Taxicab Messiah
    "My god loved the whores and babies My god never noticed a sin My god grew and killed the daises My god threw the towel in My god is weird my god is scared my god paints a pretty picture of fear He's"
  • Kidneythieves S & M ( A Love Song )
    "Distant son, nova fucker Hit and run to another Took from you, from me Lash and caress in between Hit the target won an animal Got a piece, a trace, a slip inside Tore a page from the bind Handed a twisted"
  • Kidneythieves Feathers
    "Rain made a place For us to swim, to play Inopportune devotion cannot be sound So I take my lot of a few feathers from the sky Into a ritual and let my spirit fly Wake up, is this a dream of a dream"
  • Kidneythieves Creature
    "Creature comfort, supplicant Let me tell you what I want What's the use, a void of course Take the abuse, make it worse Creature comfort, delicate Wish I could lose the day we met Never in words to say"
  • Kidneythieves K
    "I'm elevated I'm stimulated I'm re-created I'm glad you made it Spiritualize my sensuality, in your eyes, between you and me You're elevated You're stimulated I'll be creative For you I'll"
  • Kidneythieves Pretty
    "I'm pretty, what do I deserve I feel pretty, until I walk out the door I wonder when pretty's gonna bleed My monster has all the time he needs So I came home to feel ugly again Feels better alone, pretty"
  • Kidneythieves Layers
    "One by one, stings my eyes Each is gone, each a disguise Smiling, so aware Precious moments so rare Boiled thoughts, evaporated - gone. Can't bear the loss of never loving you So jaded, so wrong Stripping"
  • Kidneythieves Pleasant
    "I was everything, and nothing You were somebody, something Please, underestimate me I recognize your disease Ingested you, digested you I know, we can be each other's blessing Good-bye, I'm taking a"
  • Kidneythieves Mustard Seed
    "Hill up the road, gathering thoughts never adding the way I want them Sweet Jesus show me through the Indian paintbrush Faith was Cursed upon me, a mustard seed was good enough for him and good enough"
  • Kidneythieves Before I'm Dead
    "Moon hangs around A blade over my head Reminds me what to do before I'm dead Night consumes light And all I dread Reminds me what to do before I'm dead The sun reclines Eats my mind Reminds me what"

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