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  • NWA (ft. Lil Durk) - Lucky Daye
    "NWA Pick a side like FIFA, NWA Better ride with that seat up, NWA Slide after hours, NWA (woah-woah) I got packs, I got packs, I'm dreamin' (woah-woah) Tell my car I don't see no evil (woah-woah) Where"
  • Express Yourself (Nwa Cover) - Stretch Arm Strong
    "A lot of brothers out there 've been flakin' and perpatratin' but scared to kick reality. Yo Dre you been doin' all this dope producin', you ain't had a chance to show 'em what time it is! So watchu want"
  • Express Yourself - NWA
    "Yo, man... There's a lot of brothers out there flakin' and perpetratin But scared to kick reality. Man, you've been doing all this dope producing. You had a chance to show 'em what time it is... So, what"
  • Compton's N the House - NWA
    "Ah yeah, right about now Compton's in de mothafuckin' house NWA's in full effect Hey yo yella boy, kick me that funky-ass beat Yeah, who's in de mothafuckin' house? Compton's in the mothafuckin' house! Yeah,"
  • Alwayz Into Somethin - NWA
    "Ninety ninety mothafuckin' 1 NWA's back in this mothafuckin' yo Takin' out all you commercicalized ass niggaz And we're on this lay back track And we're doin' this well kinda smooth So what's you're gonna"
  • Quiet on Tha Set - NWA
    "Yo Ren ! Whassup ? Ruthless, plenty of that and much more So at the party, Ren is controllin the floor that you step and do your danceroutine It ain't a dream my man, you're in a gangsta scene with"
  • Fuck The Police - NWA
    "Right about now, N.W.A. court is in full effect Judge Dre presiding In the case of N.W.A. vs. the Police Department; prosecuting attourneys are: MC Ren, Ice Cube, and Eazy-motherfuckin-E Order, order,"
  • I Ain't tha One - NWA
    "Intro: girl, Ice Cube How short's your hair right now? Look, I'ma tell you like this Verse One: I ain't the one, the one to get played like a pooh butt See I'm from the street, so I know what's up On"
  • Gangsta Gangsta - NWA
    "Verse One: Ice Cube Here's a little somethin' bout a nigga like me never shoulda been let out the penititary Ice Cube would like ta say That I'm a crazy mutha fucka from around the way Since I was a youth,"
  • Something Like That - NWA
    "Ah yeah, yo Ren, yo ready to do this shit ? Yeah, Dre, let's rip shit up Hey, yo Yella Boy, why don't you kick me one of them funky beats ? Yo, we got my homeboy Eazy E in the house Compton's definately"

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