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  • Propaganda - Theatre of Hate
    "On the air, the ministry broadcasts Pavlov's dogs jerking, in tune, in time Barking but headless, orgasms in pain Thought a condition, morality insane But you and me we know better It's only propaganda We're"
  • Carnal Perversion - Ancient Drive
    "Ancient Drive Miscellaneous Carnal Perversion Blood, pleasures of flesh She dressed herself in black A hatred in her heart Her cold brown eyes wont hide Her darkest sins Burning lust between Her"
  • My Gift To You - Korn
    "There you are my precious Not long ago Hiding behind the shadows Of your broken soul Why is it always you want something you can never have? Why did you you try to tell me? How could you be this way"
  • Styloroc - Pulp
    "After many weeks in the wilderness we came upon a strange, exotic land.A land of happy hours,where the sky is always grey and the food exceptionally greasy.We drank strange brown liquids,and our stomachs"
  • Devil In My Eyes - Obliveon
    "There is a poison in my mind My vain ambitions burn in me Another dream's buried alive Another heaven I'll never see So now the devil's in my soul And so my heart became a grave The flame just burns without"
  • Dominated Resurgency - Creation Malevolent
    "lust, lust, lust lust, lust, lust No fear of touch In its sadistic array Anticipate the stroke Of equal pain, pain! Bred to please, single goal achived Dominated through life Estatic release, well worth"
  • Chalice of Repentance - Prayer For Cleansing
    "springtime is sorrow, make love last until the heart is dead frost on the cracked glass, bleaching purity ride angel's wings into heaven, naked flesh a sick sight vomit into hair of sweat, feed myself"
  • Arterial Lust - Blood Red Throne
    "Blood spattered patterns of perpetual sin Traces of orgasms spat from within I tear you open to ecstatic display Sweet taste of arterial spray Blood frenzied perversion course through my veins Haemorrhage"
  • Styloroc (Nites Of Suburbia) - Pulp
    "After many weeks in the wilderness we came upon a strange, exotic life. A land of happy hours where the skies are grey and the food exceptionally greasy. We drank strange brown liquids, and our stomachs"
  • Black Roses on Her Grave (Desdemona's Secret) - Ancient Ceremony
    "A Requiem to the most ardent witnessed Beauty Bloody Baroness, Thine is my Heart eternally! Destiny led us together Destiny took Thee away, oh Phantom of my Dreams Thy spooky Fancy now seems lost to me Awaked"

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