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so bad - eminem

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so bad - eminem
  • Adek WWA BAD
    "Czasem nachodzą mnie monety Ze nie mogę patrzyć w lustro I choć jestem w chu* przejęty W głębi duszy nadal pusto Próbuję zacisnąć zęby Walczyć znów o lepsze jutro Niby wiem już iść którędy Lecz w lato"
  • Doda Bad Girls (polska wersja)
    "Bad girls są głodne i złe Bad girls, bad girls... Bad girls to skończy się źle Bad girls, bad girls... Nie toleruje słowa "nie" Zawsze dostaję to co chcę Twe miejsce jest u moich stóp Ja pani twa i twój"
  • The Spencer Davis Group Keep On Running
    "Keep on runnin' Keep on hidin' One fine day I'm gonna be the one To make you understand Oh yeah I'm gonna be your man Hey hey hey Everyone is talkin' about me Makes me feel so bad Hey hey hey Everyone"
  • Carla Fernandes Hasta La Vista
    "My sweet Romeo Turns to into a savage On a bad trip I Couldn’t have to have it Why do all the best ones Turn into the worst You don’t wanna say So i be the first Little prince Tell my about al lis the"
  • Halsey, Dominic Fike Dominic's Interlude
    "Your eyes are fragile and timeless It’s beautiful There’s power in the words you whisper He treats you cold and so mindless But he don’t see the setting sun Your eyes are open when you kss him You eyes"
  • Alicja Szemplińska, Piotr Cugowski Shallow (A Star is Born)
    "tell me something girl are you happy in this modern world? or do you need more? is there something else you’re searching for? I’m falling in all the good times I find myself longin’ for a change and in"
  • Mikolas Josef Lalalalalalalalalala
    "I don’t give a single fuck Nah nah nah Don’t say you’re sorry I be out up in the club Yeah! Don’t need nobody We are sone Bella ciao I want out, had enough Fuck your Comig up on my bolo She looking fire"
  • Ashton Irwin Skinny Skinny
    "Hey skinny skinny Don’t you think about future Hey skinny skinny Too bad Hey skinny skinny Step your thinking bout tomorrow You’ll never make it like that Too bad My second face My damn reflection We"
  • Megan Thee Stallion Don’t Stop (feat. Young Thug)
    "Real hot girls hit Ayy ayye I got a stank ss walk And a reckless ass mouth And my shit so tight When the fuck my pussy talk I on ever say: What’s up? I sut tell him what i want Cause i got another nigga"
  • Lil Peep cobain (ft. Lil Tracy)
    "I just fell in love with a bad bitch Tolm me that sje love me too Babyb, ia m not having it Sniffin cocaine cause I didn’t have no Activis Smoking propone wth my clique And the bad bitches Call me"

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