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Teksty piosenek (1838)


  • Temple - Kings Of Leon
    "The dance floor's a temptress Can't make out what your saying But you rub me the right way, With your child-like persuasion I got my hands in my pockets And I'm crossing my fingers She'll find I'm a"
  • Temple - Kristin Hoffmann
    "Color me With your wild night dream Oh when you called When you called, you called my name Color me sweet Sweet as summer night roses Falling down Falling down around our feet Emotion And devotion We"
  • Temple - The Fugees
    "(Intro/Chorus: Wyclef Jean) Delivered straight from the temple Hip-hop ya don't stop One o' clock, two o' clock, three o' clock, ROCK!! (Lauryn Hill) Well as an infant I was born into religion My mother"
  • Temple - Fugees
    "Delivered straight from the templeHip hop ya don't stopOne o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, rock!Well as an infant I was born into religion,My mother called me BaptistBut what she forgot to mentionWas"
  • Daisy Temple - Serge Gainsbourg
    "Oh Daisy Temple Tu aimes les boubous Tu aimes ta nounou Tu aimes les cachous Et les noix de cajou Oh Daisy temple Tu aimes les boubous Tu aimes les gourous Les rastas les papous Watuzis et zoulous Oh"
  • Temple Bar - Tiziano Ferro
    "Sar foschia Ben oltre la marea Sar o no Pi tempo per noi? Che parlo con Dio Solo se ascolti tu Si io te lo dir In qualche angolo a Temple Bar Solo per noi Da Grafton a Ormond Quay Ricorderai Il tempo"
  • Girra's Temple - Absu
    "This is for you Temple in the earth A beacon of fire A shrine for Eridu The moon's bright trace A pathway to your vault Your spell is close Its light holds a face The Sun still sleeps While the ancient"
  • Temple Mount - Robert Grenier
    "Tie my shoelace And take me to the Temple Mount We'll pray for the world We'll pray for those we care about God said to man A Messiah I will send After some years had passed Jesus came up around the bend So"
  • My temple - Gamma Ray
    "Watch Out, the Hangmen come, and there is no point runningkeep cool, the damage is done, youre got another thing comingI can't believe your world, I'd rather have it my waygo face reality, I'll never want"
  • The Temple - The Afghan Whigs
    "Afghan Whigs, The Congregation The Temple Andrew lloyd webber--music Tim rice--lyrics 1970 leeds music ltd. Moneylenders and merchants: Roll on up--for my price is down Come on in--for the best in town Take"

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