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  • Trampoline - Steel Train
    "{{Album |Artist = Steel Train |Album = Trampoline |fLetter = T |Released = 2007 |Genre = Rock |Length = 52:46 |Cover = Steel_Train_-_Trampoline.jpg |star = Green }} ==[ ]== # '''[ ]''' #"
  • Trampoline - Michael Penn
    "When you're on a high with no telling how you got there I might catch your eye from a world beneath you How do you? Don't you recognize what you are leaving? Let me introduce what you've just seen a"
  • Trampoline - Miss Angie
    "No, no I don't want to do it Yes, yes is what I want to say No, no you can't push me to it Yes, yes it's what I want anyway One, two, tram... Trampoline Trampoline You juggle me And I don't want to bounce"
  • Trampoline - Joe Henry
    "The floor will have its way, it seems It fights me like a trampoline It won't let me on the ground So this time I'm not coming down This time I'm not coming down I've been talking in my sleep You once"
  • Trampoline - Calamine
    "We've been locked out again I'll be the indian and you be the cowboy We'll terrorize the girls Walking home from school In their uniforms I wore a yellow skirt Covered with stains and dirt Just a hand-me-down We"
  • Trampoline - Lazlo Bane
    "Stop pushing me around You're always kicking when I'm down Then you find the way To promise me a better day Stop pushing me around I'm not your trampoline I won't be around for you'd step on me If you"
  • Trampoline - Mud Flow
    "We play on the ground in the river nowhere In every place and every ''(... you know)'' But nothing in the world could ever change your mind You took a trampoline to see the world from the high ground This"
  • Trampoline - Andreas Johnson
    "She calls as she wakes up in a motel somewhere someplace I don't know She sighs, she moans about the changing colours in her mind Like falling in a picture of black and white tremblin', searchin', burnin' on"
  • Trampoline - Page France
    "Hey, hey, hey You on the trampoline Trying to see everything Hey, hey, hey Sweet little Cherubim Where has your papa been? You've got the keys to his chariot And I bet it looks hilarious To watch it drag"
  • Trampoline - Shaed x Zayn
    "I've been havin dreams Jumpin on a trampoline Flippin in the air I never land just float there As I'm looking up Suddenly the sky erupts Flames alight the trees Spread to fallin leaves Now they're right"

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